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info from Helena

? ARCHER married ??, children:

  1. Edward Henry Archer

Next Generation

Edward Henry ARCHER (b. 1859 in Ireland) married ? Paru abt 1889 I think in Madras, children:

  1. Margaret Archer (b. 1892 Gudalur Madras) in 1909 in Bangalore  married Gilbert Crooks.

  2. Alice Henry Archer (b 1896 Gudalur, Madras)

Edward Henry ARCHER (b. 1859 in Ireland) 2nd marriage around 1897 to Anna ? (to be confirmed), Children:

  1. William Christopher Archer (b.1898 in Gudalur, Madras)

  2. Catherine Archer (b.1901 in Bangalore, St.Patrick, Madras)

Next Generation

Margaret ARCHER (b. 1890 Madras) in 1909 in Bangalore  married Gilbert CROOKS, children:

  1. Elizabeth Crooks (b 1909 Bangalore).

  2. Gertrude Grace Crooks (b 1913 Christ Church, Madras)

(cannot find a Baptism (Cert) for my Grandmother, daughter of Margaret Archer (b. 1909 or 1910?)



info from

My mother had a baby boy in 1956 and gave him to a Anglo Indian family, who lived in Asansol, because she was dying. I think he is now somewhere in the UK, If you are this Anglo Indian family, or my brother, please please contact me. If anybody knows me from my school days (Loretto Entally 1954-64) , I would be pleased to hear from you. Heather

? ARCHER married ??, children:

  1. Robert Archer

Next Generation

Robert ARCHER married Lena ? (lived in Asansol, died in1957), children:

  1. Heather Mary Archer (School: Loretto Entally 1954-64)

Next Generation

Heather Mary ARCHER (School: Loretto Entally 1954-64) married ? BRASHER. Living the UK.



info from Emily-Anne Watson 

? ARCHER married ??, children:

  1. Dean Archer

Next Generation

Dean ARCHER married  Bernedette DUBIER     Their children: 

  1. Nikita Archer  

  2. Josiah Archer    

  3. Calem Archer


? ARCHER married ??, children:

  1. David William Archer

Next Generation

David William ARCHER (studied in Montfort School, Yercaud) married Barbara ? from Bangalore



info from

? ARCHER married ??, children:

  1. John Archer

Next Generation

John ARCHER (School: Montfort 1944-53. Graduated from Dufferin Training Ship in 1955. Extra Masters Certificate in 1969. Lectured in Nautical Studies in England and Ireland 1969-02.) married Mary ??, an Irish girl. Two children,

  1. Sara-Jane Archer

  2. John Archer


info from

? ARCHER married ??, children:

  1. Benjamin Archer

Next Generation

Benjamin ARCHER married Elizabeth ??Their Children :

1. Joseph ARCHER
2. David ARCHER
3. John ARCHER
4. Mabel ARCHER

Joseph Archer had 2 wives Millie and Mary in order
Joseph ARCHER married Millie ??Their Children :

1. Oscar ARCHER
2. Mervin ARCHER
3. Charlie ARCHER (unmarried)
4. Cyril ARCHER (unmarried)

Joseph ARCHER married Mary ??Their Children :

1. Malcolm ARCHER
2. Albert ARCHER
3. Milred ARCHER
4. Joseph ARCHER
5. Margaret ARCHER
6. Phyllis ARCHER

David ARCHER married ???. Their Children :

1. Alfred ARCHER
2. Helen ARCHER
3. Mary ARCHER

John ARCHER married ?? Their Children :

Mabel ARCHER married Victor PENN Their Children :

1. Ernest PENN
2. Dulci PENN
3. Dolly PENN
4. Hazel PENN
5. Dorothy PENN

Next Generation

Oscar ARCHER married Olive PENN Their Children

1. Terrance ARCHER
2. Gweldoline ARCHER
3. Grace ARCHER
4. Lillian ARCHER
5. Maureen ARCHER
6. Joybird ARCHER
7. Vincent ARCHER
8. Coleen ARCHER
9. Carllton ARCHER
10. Coral ARCHER
11. Malcolm ARCHER
12. Joyce POOL

Mervin ARCHER married ?? Their Children :

1. Perciville ARCHER
2. Sheela ARCHER
3. Desmond ARCHER

Malcolm ARCHER married Clara ?? Their Children :

1. Rebecca ARCHER

Albert Edward ARCHER married Hazel PENN Their Children :

1. Allan Keith ARCHER
2. Gerard Dean ARCHER
3. Mary Jennifer ARCHER (unmarried)

Milred ARCHER married Ernest Cyril PENN Their Children :

1. Alice PENN
2. Pamela PENN
3. Judy PENN
4. Honor PENN
5. Percy PENN
6. Russell PENN
7. Gerard PENN
8. Avril PENN

Joseph ARCHER married Biddy Their Children :

1. Edwin ARCHER
2. Arleen ARCHER

Margaret ARCHER married Tyroon JOHANESS Their Children :

1. Reville JOHANESS
2. Mary Lou JOHANESS

Phyllis ARCHER married James HALL Their Children :

  1. Carlton HALL

  2. Lester HALL

  3. Vernon HALL

Allan Keith ARCHER married Patricia NICHOLAS Their Children :

1. Creswell NICHOLAS
2. Hillary NICHOLAS
3. Beatrice ARCHER

Gerard Dean ARCHER married Bernadine DUBIER Their Children :

1. Niketa ARCHER
2. Josiah ARCHER
3. Caleb ARCHER


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