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?? VAUGHAN married ??, children:

  1. William Henry Vaughan

Next Generation

William Henry VAUGHAN married Mary Ann ?, children:

  1. William Henry Vaughan (b 1851)

  2. Ellen Maria Vaughan (b 13 Sep 1869 Bareilly)

  3. Philip Henry Vaughan (b 6 Jan 1871 Jabulpur)

  4. Mary Ann Vaughan (b 7 Jan 1873 Benares)

  5. Charles Vaughan (b 15 Oct 1875 Myanmar)

  6. James Vaughan (b 29 Dec 1876 Lahore)

  7. John Vaughan (c 13 Oct 1878 Nowgong)

Next Generation

William Henry VAUGHAN (b 1851) at 33yrs on 6 Oct 1884 in St Thomas Mount married 20yr Ann Mary SANDERSON (b 1864 daughter of John Barnes Sanderson), children:



info from James Vaughan

?? VAUGHAN married ??, children:

  1. Charles Vaughan

Next Generation

Sgt. Charles VAUGHAN, 6th Battalion, 1st Foot, married ??, children:

  1. James Vaughan born Punjab India 1872

  2. Charles Vaughan born Punjab India 1875

Next Generation



info from

I am trying to contact two sisters Hazel and Gwen Vaughan. The last time i saw Hazel was quite a few years ago in Sydenham, London. They will remember me by my surname Rydqvist, I was Carole Rydqvist. we went to the same school, St Pauls School in Calcutta, India. If anyone knows of them could you please give me a call i would love to know how they are and what they are doing. Thanks for your time and hope to hear from someone soon; thanks, carole.

?? VAUGHAN married ??, children:

  1. Hazel Vaughan (school, St Pauls School in Calcutta, India)

  2. Gwen Vaughan (school, St Pauls School in Calcutta, India)


?? VAUGHAN married ??, children:

  1. Samuel Vaughan

Next Generation

Samuel VAUGHAN married ?, children:

  1. William Henry Samuel Vaughan (b 1896)

Next Generation

William Henry Samuel VAUGHAN (b 1896) at 25yrs on 7 Feb 1921 in Madras married 22yr Florence Winifred Ellen LLOYD (b 1899 daughter of Walter John Lloyd)



?? VAUGHAN married ??, children:

  1. George Frederick Vaughan

Next Generation

George Frederick VAUGHAN married Jane Rose Ann ?, children:

  1. Mary Rose Vaughan (b 16 May 1900 Bombay)

  2. Emma Jane Vaughan (b 20 Oct 1901 Karachi)

  3. Alice Violet Elizabeth Vaughan (b 26 Aug 1903 Karachi)

  4. George Edwin Lewis Vaughan (b 4 Feb 1905 Karachi)

  5. Kenneth Robert Vaughan (b 22 Nov 1906 Karachi)

  6. Helen Jane Vaughan (b 3 Jan 1910 Karachi)

Next Generation

George Edwin Lewis VAUGHAN (b 4 Feb 1905 Karachi) at 25yrs on 16 Jan 1929 in Bangalore married 23yr Blanche Irene BROPHY (b 29 Jun 1905 daughter of John Finlay & Daisy Emily Brophy), Children:

  1. John Edwin Vaughan (b 2 Mar 1933, c 30 Apr 1933 Quetta)

  2. Evelyn Kathleen Vaughan (b 27 Jan 1931, c 5 Mar 1931 Hyderabad)


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