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Stephen UNWIN married ?, children:

  1. Isaac Unwin (b 1812, d 3 Jun 1869 Deesa, age 57)

Next Generation

Isaac UNWIN (b 1812, d 3 Jun 1869 Deesa, age 57) on 14 May 1850 in Ahmednagar married Mary LISTER (daughter of William Lister), children:

  1. Marian Unwin

Isaac UNWIN (b 1812, d 3 Jun 1869 Deesa, age 57) widowed, at 32yrs on 23 Sep 1844 in Ahmednagar married 25yr widow Catherine JOHNSON nee HEALY, (b 1818, d Mar 1846 Back Bay, Bombay) children:


Next Generation

Marian UNWIN on 15 Sep 1856 in Ahmednagar married James SMELLIE (b 1830, d 3 Jun 1872 Karachi, son of James Smellie), children:

  1. Mary Catherine Maria Smellie (b 16 Jun 1857 Ahmednagar)

  2. James Isaac Smellie (b 2 Jan 1860 Ahmednagar)

  3. Eliza Rebecca Smellie (b 16 Sep 1863 Sholapore)

  4. Jane Emily Letitia Smellie (b 2 May 1868, c 11 Jun 1868 Deesa)

  5. Alfred Henry Smellie (b 28 Feb 1870, c 20 Apr 1870 Karachi)

  6. Wilhelmina Elizabeth Smellie (b 2 Aug 1872, c 12 Nov 1872 Karachi)


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