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?? TYLER married ?, children:

  1. James TYLER

Next Generation

James TYLER married ??, children:

  1. Charles Tyler (b 1825)

Next Generation

Charles TYLER (b 1825) at 26yrs on 12 Jun 1851 in Madras married Georgiana Caroline ADAMS (b 1836 Madras, daughter of Anthony Adams), children:

  1. Henry Charles Tyler (b 9 Sep 1867 Kamptee, Bengal)

  2. James Thomas Tyler (b 17 Jul 1869 Rajahmundry)

Next Generation

Henry Charles TYLER (b 9 Sep 1867 Kamptee, Bengal) at 32yrs on 6 Feb 1899 in Cuddalore married 39yr Harriet Mary HOOKENS (b 1860, daughter of Peter Hookens)



(info from dave.freemantle@tiscali.co.uk and  daniel.tyler-mctighe@mod-langs.ox.ac.uk )


?? TYLER married ?, children:

  1. Leslie James TYLER

Next Generation

Leslie James TYLER (Kidderminster, UK) married Lynette Joy FREEMANTLE, children  

  1. Dorinda Joy TYLER (b 1978)

  2. Daniel James TYLER (b 1981). 

Next Generation

Dorinda Joy TYLER married Oliver Norman WIGNALL (Birmingham), children:

  1. Percy James WIGNALL (b 2010)

  2. Rita Joy WIGNALL (b 2012)

  3. Ronnie Tyler WIGNALL (b 2014)

Daniel James TYLER (b 1981) in Mumbai, India in 2017 married Kirsty Patricia MCTIGHE (Bromsgrove, UK) , their names changed to: Daniel James TYLER-MCTIGHE and Kirsty Patricia TYLER-MCTIGH



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