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John FREEMANTLE in 1717 married Elizabeth CARTER, children:

  1. Nicholas Freemantle (b 1731, d 1813)

Next Generation

Nicholas FREEMANTLE (b 1731, d 1813) married Sarah LEGGET (b 1734), children:

  1. Henry Freemantle (b 1775, d abt 1850, age 75)

Next Generation

Henry FREEMANTLE (b 1775) of Hampshire, in 1819 married Charlotte IZEAD (b 1789);  Children:

  1. Nicholas Freemantle of Winchester (born 1821, d 1879, a shoemaker who enlisted in the HEIC forces in 1840)

Next Generation

Nicholas FREEMANTLE of Winchester (born 1821, was a shoemaker of St John’s Parish in Hampshire and who enlisted to the Honourable East India Company’s 2nd (Madras) European Light Infantry in London in 1840 as a private, embarked ‘Essex’ on 11 May 1840 at Gravesend and arrived at Fort St George, Madras on 19 August 1840. He transferred to HM 105th Regiment of Foot in 1861 as a sergeant. Died 1879) at 24yrs on 24 Feb 1849 in Poonamallee, Madras married 14yr  Rhoda Ann FOULSTONE (b 1835, d 1922. She was baptised RHODIANA FOULSTONE at Ponnamallee in 1835, the daughter of Private Thomas Foulstone of HM 55th Regiment of Foot and his wife Hannah who married in Madras in 1827.) Nicholas disembarked in 1840 from the ‘Essex’ making him our patrilinear ancestor from England to go to India. Children:

  1. James Swan Freemantle, Conductor [b.Trichinopoly,1859-d.Lucknow,1934] of a Hampshire family in descent.

Next Generation

James Swan FREEMANTLE, Conductor [b.Trichinopoly,1859-d.Lucknow,1934]  His father arriving on a "Long Roll" service for the forces of the East India Company, partnered Laura ? , children :  

  1. Percival (Percy) William Freemantle (b 1902, d 1948)

James Swan FREEMANTLE [b.Trichinopoly,1859-d.Lucknow,1934] after a Judicial separation from Laura ?, settled down with Clara ?. They had 5 children; 

  1. David FREEMANTLE, 

  2. Hepsibar FREEMANTLE, 

  3. Stephen FREEMANTLE, 

  4. Jesse FREEMANTLE, 

  5. James FREEMANTLE 

Next Generation

Percival (Percy) William FREEMANTLE (b 1902, d 1948) married Dorinda Hope COURT. They had 7 children,

  1. Neville Desmond Freemantle (b 1924 Secunderabad, d 2014.)

  2. Ivor Freemantle(died in childhood)

  3. Pamela Freemantle (died in childhood)

  4. Ralph Percival Freemantle

  5. Ronald Hector Freemantle

  6. Fay Thelma Freemantle

  7. Patricia Freemantle (died in infancy)

Left to right: Mrs Hugh Bernard Court, Mr Hugh Bernard Court holding Miss Norma Court, Mr Alfred Ernest Court, Mrs Syrina Court, Mr Percy William Freemantle & Mrs Dorinda Hope Freemantle. Photograph taken at the family home at Bolarum in the 1920s


Stephen FREEMANTLE (b ??, d April 2000) married Nina ? and they had 3 children;

  1. Paolo Freemantle, 

  2. Lucio Freemantle 

  3. Sylvana Freemantle.

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James FREEMANTLE married ?, children : 

  1. Mark Freemantle

Next Generation

Neville Desmond FREEMANTLE, (born Secunderabad May 1924 spent a short time at the training centre, HMIS Lal. His primary posting was to the Arakan Coastal Defence Force, during WW II. Neville Desmond Freemantle was commissioned at HMIS Lal and resigned his commission whilst serving as an Acting Lieutenant in the Royal Indian Naval Volunteer Reserve, after serving at numerous stations around the coast of the then Indian Empire, before Independence.) married Ailsa May Bernadette MILTON, (b Nagpur 1925, moving to Kidderminster, U.K. in 1950.) They had three sons:

  1. Richard Ronald FREEMANTLE (b Bombay), 

  2. John Howard FREEMANTLE  (b.Kidderminster)

  3. Clive James Francis FREEMANTLE (b Kidderminster, UK). He is at present a Senior Crown Prosecutor in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the north of England.

Ralph Percival FREEMANTLE married Margaret Elizabeth SHUCK (Kidderminster, UK), children:  

  1. Julia Tracy Freemantle, 

  2. David Andrew Freemantle

Ronald Hector FREEMANTLE married Elizabeth Marie LAY (Bangalore?), children; 

  1. Lynette Joy Freemantle.

Ronald Hector FREEMANTLE married (2nd marriage) Gwendoline Philomena KINGSFORD (Bombay), no children 


Next Generation

Richard Ronald FREEMANTLE married Mary RAULT from Doncaster, UK, they now live in Shifnal, Shropshire,UK. Children : 

  1. Richard Simon Freemantle  

  2. Peter Luke Freemantle  

  3. Rebecca Louise Freemantle

John Howard FREEMANTLE married Elaine McBRIDE (Kidderminster, UK.), children: 2 sons, 

  1. Matthew John Freemantle  

  2. Ashley Mark Freemantle.

John Howard FREEMANTLE married (2nd marriage) Amanda GOLDING of Stourport-upon-Severn, UK., children:  

  1. Nathaniel James Freemantle   

  2. Joseph Alexander Freemantle, all of Bewdley, UK.

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Clive James Francis FREEMANTLE (b Kidderminster, UK) married Mark SUGDEN.


Julia Tracy FREEMANTLE married Andrew Russell HUNT (Kidderminster, UK.), children  

  1. Benjamin HUNT, 

  2. Jason HUNT

David Andrew FREEMANTLE married Catherine HARRIS (Kidderminster.), children:  

  1. Joshua David Freemantle

  2. Felicity Marie Freemantle (b 2003)

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Lynette Joy FREEMANTLE married Leslie James TYLER (Kidderminster, UK), children  

  1. Dorinda Joy TYLER (b 1978, married Oliver Norman WIGNALL of Birmingham, children: Percy James WIGNALL, Rita Joy WIGNALL,  Ronnie Tyler WIGNALL) 

  2. Daniel James TYLER (b 1981). 

Next Generation

Richard Simon FREEMANTLE married Nicole Marie RAE


Peter Luke FREEMANTLE married Sarah Louise BAYNHAM, children:

  1. Kahlan Renee Freemantle

  2. Idrys Abel Freemantle

Rebecca Louise FREEMANTLE married James Andrew BENNETT


Matthew John FREEMANTLE married Rachael Mary JOHNSTONE, children:

  1. Samuel John Freeman (b 2019

Nathaniel James FREEMANTLE and Kayleigh WOODLAND, daughter,

  1. Evangeline Amaranth Monica Freemantle


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