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John Hall NEWMAN married Amelia Ellen Martensz, children:

  1. Ellen Emily Newman.

Next Generation

Ellen Emily NEWMAN (born 13th July, 1880, died 29th August, 1968) married Victor Emmanuel Leopold MELDER, born 5th August, 1877, died 16th May, 1926, married at Christ Church, Galle Face, Colombo, 15th June, 1903. They had:

  1. Phyllis Faith Melder (Bubsie)

  2. Randolph Joseph Churchill Griffith Melder, born 2nd December, 1906 (who follows under IV)

  3. Michael Rexford Melder (Mikey)

  4. ?? Melder, Sister, died young

  5. Edna Doreen Melder, born 24th November

  6. Irene Violet Melder (Erin) , born 30th June, 1912

  7. Therese Melder (Tera), born 6th October, 1916

  8. Tony Melder , died young


Ernest James NEWMAN married ??, children:

  1. Barbara Frances Newman (b 1911)

Next Generation

Barbara Frances Newman (b 1911) on 1 April 11929 in Ambala married William Charles WEST (son of Frederick William West)




Info from D'Cunha

?? NEWMAN married ??, children:

  1. Barbara Newman

Next Generation

Barbara NEWMAN married Oscar D'CUNHA. (after his first wife Barbara (nee FOX) died)



Patrick NEWMAN married Francisco ?, children

  1. William Newman (b 7 Sep 1822 Masulipatam)

Next Generation

William NEWMAN (b 7 Sep 1822 Masulipatam) married ??, children:

  1. John Newman (b 1837)

Next Generation

John NEWMAN (b 1837) at 33yrs on 25 Nov 1870 at Fort St George married 18yr  Cecilia Virginia Bridget DUPRE (b 1852, d 24 Sep 1914 Madras, daughter of Charles Dupre), children:

  1. Victor William Newman (b 1906)

Next Generation

Victor William NEWMAN (b 1906) at 25yrs on 23 Dec 1931 in Jubbulpore married 28yr Evelyn Elizabeth SHIELDS (b 1903)


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