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Information supplied by Noel Murphy. jono@danetre41.orangehome.co.uk

?? BURKE married ??. Children:

  1. Margaret Louisa Burke

Next Generation

Margaret Louisa BURKE married Francis MURPHY (b.27/03/1855 d. 25/01/29) at Madras. Children:

  1. Francis Patrick Murphy ( b.12/12/1883,)

  2. Joseph Murphy

  3. Edmund Murphy

  4. Ida Murphy

  5. Millicent Murphy

(Francis and Edmund joined Telegraphs from Lovedale School, Joseph recruited Dorset regiment & transferred to South Staffords., Millicent married a HARTMAN.



Info from Jacki Tucker tuckerjm@iinet.net.au

James BURKE married  Evelina ??, children:

  1. Arthur Clarence Burke (b 8 March 1912)

Next Generation

Arthur Clarence BURKE
(b 8 March 1912) at 26yrs on 24 Nov 1938 in Chakranharpur married 19yr Nellie Lena CARROLL (b 27 Mar 1919, India, daughter of Thomas Alfred Carroll) in India. Children:

  1. Desmond George Anthony BURKE(born 25/08/1940, Anara, India)

  2. Alwyn Douglas Alfred BURKE (born 08/10/1941, Anara, India)

  3. Gordon Ashley  BURKE (born 22/10/1943, Anara, India)

  4. Evelyn BURKE (born 14/11/1945, Anara, India, died 1969)

  5. Patrick BURKE (born 27//08/1949, Anara, India)

  6. Patricia BURKE (born 27/08/1949, Anara, India, died 1949)

  7. Ashley BURKE (born 06/03/1957, Anara, India)

  8. David BURKE (born 09/06/1958, Anara, India)

Next Generation

Desmond BURKE married Coral FRANCIS (?). Children:

  1. Sharon BURKE

  2. Lulu BURKE (died ?)

  3. Andre BURKE

  4. Tyril BURKE

Alwyn BURKE married Marie FRANCIS (?, died 2004). Children:

  1. Frona BURKE

  2. Ian BURKE

  3. Andrea BURKE

Gordon BURKE (born 22/10/44, Adra, India) married Denise RITCHIE (06/09/49, Adra, India),Children:

  1. Jacki BURKE (24/08/72, born Perth, Australia)

Evelyn BURKE married Darryl McGUINESS (?),Children:


Ashley BURKE married ? , Children:

  1. Two boys ?

Next Generation

Sharon BURKE married Llewelyn DIXON MASON (?): Children:

  1. Adrian DIXON MASON

  2. Baby girl

Frona BURKE married Clinton FRANCIS (Asansol) Children:

  1. Chenelle Francis

Andrea BURKE married Berty FRANCIS (Calcutta)

    (info from Clifton Fernandez clifin06@gmail.com )


Jacki BURKE (born 24/8/72, Perth, Australia) married Martin TUCKER (02/06/70, Perth, Australia), Children:

  1. Ben TUCKER (16/03/2003, Perth, Australia)


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