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George MORRITT married ?, children:

  1. Arthur George Morritt (b 1872)

Next Generation

Arthur George MORRITT (b 1872) at 28yrs on 17 Oct 1900 in St Thomas Mount, married 20yr Letitia Susan MELLOR (b 1880 daughter of Thomas Charles Mellor), children:

  1. Arthur Henry Morrritt (b 29 Aug 1901 Ahmednagar)

  2. Herbert William Morritt (b 14 Jul 1905 Kirkee)

  3. Alexander George Morritt (b 9 Nov 1909 Hyderabad)

  4. Phyllis Letitia Morritt (b 13 Jun 1920 Coimbatore)

  5. Alfred Leonard Morritt (b 19 Jul 1923)

Next Generation

Arthur Henry Morrritt (b 29 Aug 1901 Ahmednagar) on 24 jan 1923 in Coimbatore married Charlotte Camilla DENTON, (daughter of William Frederick Denton) children:

  1. Frederick Arthur Guy Morritt (b 5 Nov 1923 Quetta)

  2. Barbara Pamela Morritt (b 1 Apr 1929 Quetta)


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?? MORRITT married ??, children:

  1. Alfred Morritt

Next Generation

Alfred MORRITT married Phyllis FONCECA (died when the children were very young): children : 

  1. Howard Morritt 

  2. Hazel Morritt 

Alfred MORRITT, widower, later married Winifred MICHAEL, They had a son,

  1. Earl Morritt

Next Generation

Howard MORRITT (b 1949) married Rosemarie FURNESS, Children:

  1. Brendan MORRITT (bn 1970 AUSTRALIA)

  2. Lana MORRITT (b1977 AUSTRALIA)

  3. Kristy MORRITT (b 1980 AUSTRALIA)

Earl MORRITT married Sandra McNICHOLL , They had two daughters,

  1. Tracey MORRITT

  2. Sharon MORRITT.


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