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I am trying to locate birth records, and details of his parents names for Joseph Kenneth Everett who was born in India about 1927. He married Marie Blanche LaBouchardiere and they came to England with their family in or around 1963.I think they lived in Jaipur but am not certain about that. Many thanks to anyone who can help me  LINDA RHEAD


?? La BOUCHARDIERE  married Florence ?? (born 1908, India). Children

  1. Marie La Bouchardiere, 1925-1993 ( died Market Drayton, Shropshire, UK) married Joseph Kenneth Everett, sons, Glen Joseph, born 1947,and Kelvyn born 1953, Judith born 1952 and Desmond born 1950.

  2. George La Bouchardiere,

  3. Douglas La Bouchardiere,

  4. Leslie La Bouchardiere

  5. Celine La Bouchardiere, born 1944.

(Florence and Celine travelled to England in 1956 on the ship Arcadia. Travelling companion Dennis LaBouchardiere, born 1899, but this was not the husband of Florence. Address in UK coming to was RAF Faldingworth, Lincoln.

Next Generation

Marie La Bouchardiere, 1925-1993 ( died Market Drayton, Shropshire, UK) married Joseph Kenneth EVERETT, travelled to the UK in 1963 with children:

  1. Glen Joseph Everett, born 1947

  2. Kelvyn Everett born 1953,

  3. Judith Everett born 1952

  4. Desmond Everett born 1950.

George La Bouchardiere married Fanny McCally



info from Natalie

?? La BOUCHARDIERE married ??, children:

  1. Euan LaBouchardiere (born ?)

Next Generation

Euan LABOUCHARDIERE married Natalie BRUTON 1995, one child:

  1. Luke Alexander Patrick LABOUCHARDIERE


info from Cherie Greenwell

?? La BOUCHARDIERE married ??, children:

  1. Bernita Eugeine Louisa LaBouchardiere

Next Generation

Bernita Eugeine Louisa LaBouchardiere (known as Bernice ) born 2 Sept 1890 Trivandrum India, married  Albert MONTAUT born 12 Feb 1874 Aripalam India. Children:

  1. Richard Ignatuis Montaut born 1 Aug 1912

  2. Oswin Simon Montaut  "  28 oct 1913

  3. Joseph Montaut , Born ??, lived 1 week

  4. Arnold  Montaut   born 10 dec 1918

  5. Albert  Montaut, born12 march 1920, died 21 april 1920

  6. Alban  Montaut, born 12 march 1920, died 22 april 1920

  7. Raymond leslie Montaut, born 30 oct 1921

  8. Anthony Douglas Montaut, born 10 may 1925

  9. Antoinette Yvonne Montaut,  born  25 sept 1928 (known as Yvonne. )


info from Winifred Evelyn  La Bouchardiere (b 6/1/1940 Cochin)  (compiled with the help of Basil LaBouchardiere and Linda Tessier.)

(Seeking information on Edward (Teddy) La Bouchardiere ex British Army from Alleppey. After the war he chose to remain in Malaysia. We know he got married there (wife's name?) and had two daughters. Would like to contact the daughters. Should anyone know anything about this family please contact me. I am his niece. My email: Thanks you.)


?? La BOUCHARDIERE married ??, children:

  1. George La Bouchardiere

Next Generation

George LA BOUCHARDIERE (born about 1830) Alleppey married Fanny McCALLY. Children

  1. Robert Mark La Bouchardiere  (b 1906 Alleppey d1997)

  2. Peter  La Bouchardiere

  3. Ann La Bouchardiere

  4. ?? La Bouchardiere Unknown daughter

  5. Mary La Bouchardiere

  6. Harold (Harry) Albert La Bouchardiere born 1864  Mount Carmel Church Alleppey D 1909

Next Generation

Robert Mark LA BOUCHARDIERE (b 1906 Alleppey d1997) Mount Carmel Church Alleppey married Agnes Wilhelmera MOREIRA (b.1861 D 1938)


Peter LA BOUCHARDIERE married Adeldade MOREIRA B 1861 Podonur


Ann LA BOUCHARDIERE B 1856 D 1882 married Joseph JANES


?? LA BOUCHARDIERE (Unknown daughter)  married ??? SCHOFFIELD




Harold (Harry) Albert LA BOUCHARDIERE born 1864  Mount Carmel Church Alleppey D 1909 married Winifred LOBO, Their children:-

  1. Clara La Bouchardiere B ? died about 1980 married Evan Noronha,

  2. Granville La Bouchardiere (Sonny) B  Died ? Allepey (after falling ill in Mesopotamia whilst soldiering World War II,

  3. Arnold La Bouchardiere Born ?  Died 1964 Coimbatore. Married (1) Myrtle Gomes  (2) Josephine Wong in Singapore,

  4. Edward La Bouchardiere Born ?  Died  ? Malaysia  Married?

  5. Robert Mark La Bouchardiere

Robert Mark LA BOUCHARDIERE B 1906 Alleppey D 1997 married Merlin Beatrice D'COUTO Fort Cochin, children:

  1. Winifred La Bouchardiere

Next Generation

Clara La Bouchardiere B ? died about 1980 married Evan Noronha,


Arnold La Bouchardiere Born ?  Died 1964 Coimbatore, married Myrtle GOMES


Arnold La Bouchardiere Born ?  Died 1964 Coimbatore, married (2nd marriage) Josephine WONG in Singapore,


Edward La Bouchardiere Born ?  Died  ? Malaysia  Married ?



info from Linda

Henrietta Marie La BOUCHARDIERE (b. 1855 d. 1928 Vieyoor, Trichur,) in 1880, married William Richard D'SILVA (b. 1845 Calicut d. 1909 Coonoor)



info from

?? La BOUCHARDIERE married ??, children:

  1. Maurice La Bouchardiere

Next Generation

Maurice La BOUCHARDIERE (worked on the Railways) married Florence ABARIO ?. They lived in Ajmer, children:

  1. George Anthony Labouchardiere (1926- 1982, Emigrated to UK circa 1947)

Next Generation

George Anthony Labouchardiere (1926- 1982, Emigrated to UK circa 1947) married Barbra Biddle, Children.

  1. Christine Labouchardiere,

  2. Paul Labouchardiere,

  3. Graham Labouchardiere,

  4. James Labouchardiere (b 1957),

  5. Margeret Labouchardiere.

Next Generation

James Labouchardiere (b 1957) married Carol Findon, Children,

  1. David Labouchardiere (b 1988)

  2. Michael Labouchardiere (b 1991)

  3. Sophie Labouchardiere (b 1997)


info submitted by Keith Pacheco

?? LaBOUCHARDIERE married ??, 6 children:

  1. Marie Hyacinth Denise LaBouchardiere






Next Generation

Marie LABOUCHARDIERE (aged 17, Primary school teacher in Bangalore and Jhansi) married Francis Xavier PACHECO (aged 34, Stores Controller working for the GIPR in Jhansi, 1 of 3 children from Coorg) in Jhansi, UP and had one son. They emigrated to England in 1953 on the SS Carthage. Both Francis and Marie have now died.

  1. Keith Charles Bernard Xavier Pacheco (born 1942. We moved to Clare Road Bombay in 1944. I attended St Mary's High School till I was 11 years old.  We left India in 1953.  I have just heard that my grandfather left Holland for India and thats all.)


Info from

?? La BOUCHARDIERE married ??, children:

  1. Reno La Bouchardiere

Next Generation

Reno La BOUCHARDIERE married Victoria Helen DAY on 15/7/95 and adopted James & Benjamin.

  1. James Peter (born 4/2/85)

  2. Benjamin Edward (born 27/2/86)

  3. Paris Sophia La Bouchardiere (born 27/9/98)


(Following information supplied by Basil La BOUCHARDIERE  of Sussex and Terry Bruce in NSW

info from George McSkimming , Website:


?? La BOUCHARDIERE married ??, children:

  1. John La Bouchardiere

Next Generation

Captain John La BOUCHARDIERE (1806-1852) French Merchant Navy married Marie Louise A dville ? (1821-1849) : Son -

  1. Richard La Bouchardiere.

Next Generation

Richard La BOUCHARDIERE (1844?-1900?) married Mary Charlotte MARTENSZ (died 1912 at Pallurutti, Cochin, buried at St.Sebastian's church): Children :- 

  1. Millicent Catherine Gwendoline La Bouchardiere (1870), 

  2. Emile St.Denys La Bouchardiere(1874), 

  3. Maurice Gilbert La Bouchardiere (1877), 

  4. Helen La Bouchardiere (Nelly)(1879-1905), 

  5. Basil Richard La Bouchardiere(1885-1944), 

  6. Bernice Eugene Louise La Bouchardiere (1891-1973).

Millicent Catherine Gwendoline La BOUCHARDIERE on 28/4/1897 in Trivandrum, married George Edwin SHEDDEN : Children:- 

  1. Christeen Shedden 

  2. Maxwell Douglas Shedden 

  3. Alexander Richard Shedden

       (info from George McSkimming , Website: )


Emile St.Denys La BOUCHARDIERE married Matilda Maud D'CASTRO.


Maurice Gilbert La BOUCHARDIERE married Bridget DALY: Children:- 

  1. Maureen Charlotte La Bouchardiere(1912), 

  2. Gwendoline Bridget La Bouchardiere (1917), 

  3. Maurice Emile La Bouchardiere (1918).

Helen (Nelly) La BOUCHARDIERE about 1904 married Duncan Maxwell SHEDDEN (born 2/8/1866 Trivandrum  died 22/10/1908 Trivandrum,) :

  1. Alice Helen SHEDDEN (1905-1929).

            (info from George McSkimming , Website: )


Basil Richard La BOUCHARDIERE married Rose Myrtle SWAINE : 

  1. Basil La Bouchardire (1913), 

  2. Thelma La Bouchardiere (1915), 

  3. Norman La Bouchardiere (1922), 

  4. Joan La Bouchardiere (1924).

Bernice Eugene Louise La BOUCHARDIERE married Albert Valentine MONTAUT: Children:- 

  1. Richard La Bouchardiere (1/8/1912), 

  2. Oswin La Bouchardiere (28/10/1913), 

  3. Arnold La Bouchardiere (10/12/1918), 

  4. Raymond La Bouchardiere(30/10/1921), 

  5. Anthony La Bouchardiere (11/5/1925), 

  6. Yvonne La Bouchardiere (25/9/1928).


?? LaBOUCHARDIERE married ??, children:

  1. Roland LaBouchardiere

Next Generation

Roland La BOUCHARDIERE (studied in Montfort School till 1944) married Maureen JANES (Sacred Heart High, Bangalore1942-54)


info submitted by Nick  & Sheryl La Bouchardiere

?? La BOUCHARDIERE married ??, children:

  1. Fred La Bouchardiere

  2. Antione Bouchard La Bouchardiere

  3. Raymond La Bouchardiere

  4. Jeanne La Bouchardiere (in Australia) married David De Gama (no direct relation to Joan, They have several children one of whom is Penny.

(The brothers had five other sibling, all of whom passed away in India before they emigrated to the UK.

Next Generation

Fred La BOUCHARDIERE married Phylomena DALBY (Good Shephard Convent, Bangalore 1942-47),  children




  4. Raymond La BOUCHARDIERE

Antione Bouchard La Bouchardiere married Joan Margaret Cynthia De Gama, They had three children:

  1. Ilona Mary Lillian La Bouchardiere

  2. Glen La Bouchardiere

  3. Sheryl La Bouchardiere. I live with my partner Andy Bowd.

Raymond La Bouchardiere married Elsie ?. They had one daughter

  1. Caroline La Bouchardiere married Michael Deer.

Jeanne La Bouchardiere (in Australia) married David De Gama (no direct relation to Joan, They have several children one of whom is Penny.


Next Generation

Mark La BOUCHARDIERE married Ginger KNIGHT, children:

  1. Rachael La BOUCHARDIERE

Ilona La Bouchardiere married Geoffrey George Fisher. They had three sons,

  1. Jeffery,

  2. Paul and

  3. Michael.

Numerous grandchildren.

Glen La Bouchardiere married Sandra Smith. They have two children,

  1. Whanita Whanita lives with her fiancee Jon Simkin (to be married in 2006)

Craig.Craig is married to Jo. They have one son. Maxwell La Bouchardiere. Born on 11/11/2004.


? La BOUCHARDIERE married ??, and have two boys:

  1. Elliot Frances La Bouchardiere (born 26/2/96)

  2. Ethan Samuel La Bouchardiere (born 17/2/99) 


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