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? DAY married ?, children:

  1. John Day

Next Generation

John DAY married Gertrude ?, children:

  1. Alfred Sinclair DAY (b 1873)

Next Generation

Alfred Sinclair DAY (b 1873) at 23yrs on 27 Mar 1896 in Calcutta married 23yr widow Blanche Adelaide HOBSON nee SILVA, (b 1873 daughter of William SILVA) children:

  1. Sidney Arnold Day (b 30 May 1897 Calcutta)

  2. Eric Hugh Day (b 15 May 1898 Fort William)

  3. Herbert Rowland Day (b 1900)

  4. Alfred Otto Day (b 6 May 1901 Fort William)

  5. Dennis Sinclair Day (b 30 May 1904 Fort William, Calcutta)

  6. Ivan Oscar Sinclair Day (b 2 Apr 1907 Calcutta)

  7. Ernest Sinclair Day (b 19 Dec 1908 Bombay)

Next Generation

Herbert Roland DAY (b 1900) at 23yrs on 10 Feb 1923 in Calcutta married 19yr Gertrude Winifred GORE (b 1904 daughter of Urbin Field Gore), children:

  1. Albert Edward Sinclair Day (b 29 Jan 1924 Calcutta)

  2. Herbert Alfred Sinclair Day (b 8 May 1927 Jamalpur)

Alfred Otto DAY (b 1902) Assistant at Jessop & Co, on 10 Jan 1928 in Calcutta married 24yr Nesta Louise JOHNSON (b 1904 daughter of Arnold Johnson)


Dennis Sinclair DAY (b 30 May 1904 Fort William, Calcutta) married Phyllis Dorothy ?, (b 1910, d 11 May 1932 Calcutta, age 22) children:

  1. Pamela Asthorne Leonora Sinclair Day (b 6 Mar 1930 Calcutta)

Dennis Sinclair DAY (b 30 May 1904 Fort William, Calcutta) widowed, at 40yrs on 21 Nov 1944 in Bombay married 37yr widow Eileen Margaret Mary WIGGINS (b 1907 daughter of Samuel Henry Wiggins), children:




? Sinclair DAY married ?, children:

  1. Andrew P Sinclair Day

Next Generation

Andrew P Sinclair DAY married Samantha T HUNT in Sept 2000 at Pershore, Worchestershire. Children:

  1. Charlotte Elizabeth Sinclair Day (b 17 May 2002)




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Victoria Helen DAY married Reno La BOUCHARDIERE on 15/7/95 and adopted James & Benjamin.

  1. James Peter (b1985)

  2. Benjamin Edward (b1986)

  3. Paris Sophia La Bouchardiere (b1998)

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