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?? FORBES married ??, children:

  1. Gordon Forbes (b. 1783 Ham, Surrey)

Next Generation

Gordon FORBES (b. 1783 Ham, Surrey) in 1814 in Bengal married Eliza Agnew BROWN b. 1795 d. 1835



info from Gerard SHAFTON

?? FORBES married ??, children:

  1. Alphonso Forbes

Next Generation

Alphonso FORBES  married Mary SHAFTON --no children



Alexander John FORBES (b 1807, d 9 Jul 1890 Purneah age 83) married Anne Diana ?, children:

  1. Alexander Demetrius Barnes Forbes, Tea Planter (b 29 Jan 1831 Purneah, d 11 May 1867 Calcutta age 36)

  2. George John Forbes

  3. Edward Roderick Forbes (b 24 Mar 1837 Purneah, Bengal, d 4 Apr 1918)

  4. Isabella Alicia Forbes (b 1840)

  5. Cecilia Clara Forbes (b 1846)

  6. Eleanor Louisa Forbes

  7. Oswald Eric Stuart Forbes (b 19 Sep 1851 Purneah)

Next Generation

George John FORBES on 15 Mar 1860 married Harriett Selina BOILEAU (daughter of Simeon Henry Boileau)


Edward Roderick FORBES (b 24 Mar 1837 Purneah, Bengal, d 4 Apr 1918) at 29yrs on 9 Mar 1866 in Calcutta married Emily Von LINTZGY (b 1833 daughter of Charles Frederick Von Lintzgy), children:

  1. Arnold Frederick Edward Forbes (b 17 Jun 1868 Calcutta)

  2. Cyril Donald Edward Forbes (b 31 Oct 1869 Calcutta)

Edward Roderick FORBES (b 24 Mar 1837 Purneah, Bengal, d 4 Apr 1918) married Marianne Lin. Iss ?, children:

  1. Roderick Alexander Edward Forbes (b 18 Feb 1886)

  2. Florence Marianne Forbes (b 1888)

  3. Stuart James Edward Forbes (b 12 Oct 1889 Calcutta)

Isabella Alicia FORBES (b 1840) at 19yrs on 25 Feb 1859 in Purneah married 27yr  Richard Charles WALKER (b 1832 son of George Walker)


Cecilia Clara FORBES (b 1846) at 22yrs on 2 Jul 1868 in Purneah married 33yr  Frederick BIALLOBLOTZKY (b 1835 son of Frederick Christopher Heinwick Bialloblotzky)


Eleanor Louisa FORBES on 19 Mar 1870 married George Cumming Miller SMITH (son of James Gore Smith)


Next Generation

Florence Marianne FORBES (b 1888, d 27 Aug 1918) at 23yrs on 24 Aug 1911 in Calcutta married 30yr Edwin Thomas WILLCOX (b 1881 son of Edward Willcox)



Cyril Eric St John Forbes married ?, children:

  1. Eric Edward St John Evenon Forbes (b 1911)

  2. Mary Erica Forbes (b 1915)

Next Generation

Eric Edward St John Evenon FORBES (b 1911) at 22yrs on 27 Aug 1933 in Calcutta married 20yr Inez Margaret ROSARIO (b 1913 daughter of Frederick Rosario).


Mary Erica FORBES (b 1915) at 17yrs on 20 Mar 1932 married 33yr Joseph Golding BARLOW (b 1900) children:

  1. Gwendoline Barlow (b 1936, d 25 Mar 1936 Calcutta)


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