SHAFTON Family Tree

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info from Dominic O'Brien

?? SHAFTON married ??, children:

  1. Stella Shafton (b 1898)

Next Generation

Stella SHAFTON (b 1898) on 19th September1923 at St.Francis Xavier's Church, Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, married George Richmond Cliford O'BRIEN (b 1885) married (his 2nd marriage after 1st wife Elizabeth died):

  1. Mercy O'Brien [Expired] [ Married Joe NORONHA] [Expired] from Villupuram, Tamil Nadu.S.India

  2. Horris O'Brien [Expired] Chennai, Tamil Nadu,S.India.

  3. Joseph Alfred Elmo O'Brien (born on 13 January 1927 , Died 28 August 1995 at Pondicherry, South India.).

  4. Bobby O'Brien [Expired]

  5. Mary O'Brien [Expired] Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, S.India.

  6. Antonilla Josephine O'Brien [Presently living in Bangalore. She is a Nun]


( info from Gerard SHAFTON )

?? SHAFTON married ??, children:

  1. Anthony Anand Shafton

Next Generation

Anthony Arnand SHAFTON married Grace FONCECA : Children:- 

  1. Mary Shafton 
  2. Bernardine Shafton 
  3. Gerard Joseph Shafton

Next Generation

Mary SHAFTON married Alphonso FORBES --no children

Bernadine SHAFTON married Gordon HIGHLAND - two children, 

  1. Ricardo Highland
  2. Rachael Highland

Gerard Joseph SHAFTON married Freany PHILLIPS -two children, 

  1. Martina Shafton  
  2. Angelina Shafton

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