de ROZARIO Family Tree

with links to British India

info from info from Glenn Stephen Satur (B:1981)

Edgar De ROZARIO married Gwendeline LaRive, children:

  1. Patricia de ROZARIO
  2. Audrey de ROZARIO

Next Generation

Patricia de ROZARIO married Milton PETERS , children

  1. Susan Peters
  2. Michelle Peters

Audrey De Rozario (B:1950) married Hilton Vincent SATUR, children

  1. Gary Dominic Satur (b: 1975)
  2. Gavin John Satur(b:1978)
  3. Glenn Stephen Satur(b:1981)


Info submitted by

?? De ROZARIO married ??, children:

  1. Lionel Eugene de ROZARIO

Next Generation

Lionel Eugene de ROZARIO married Patricia (Patsy) BARNARD, Living in Fort cochin - Kerala - India, have 5 children ;

  1. Sharon de ROZARIO
  2. Fiona de ROZARIO
  3. Llewellyn de ROZARIO  
  4. Geraldine de ROZARIO
  5. Berchman de ROZARIO  

Next Generation

Sharon de ROZARIO married  Tony D'CRUZ from Alleppy) residing now in Melbourne -Australia.

Fiona de ROZARIO married  Brian RODRIQUEZ from Tangisherry) residing in cochin, Kerala, India

Llewellyn de ROZARIO married Jean BRACHEN (from Fort Cochin), residing in Fort Cochin , Kerala, India.

Geraldine de ROZARIO married Dexter MENDOZA from Coimbatore, residing in Melbourne , Australia.

Berchman de ROZARIO married Sonal Chabani from Fort cochin), residing in Melbourne, Australia.

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