BRISSON Family Tree

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? BRISSON married ?, children:

  1. David James Brisson

Next Generation

David James BRISSON married Annie ?, children:

  1. Ernest Ebenezer Brisson (b 1897)

  2. Charles Francis Brisson (b 5 Dec 1899 Madras)

  3. Irene Margarita Brisson (b 26 Oct 1902)

  4. Maud Merlin Brisson (b 1907)

  5. Clara Santanna Brisson (b 12 Mar 1908 Madras)

Next Generation

Ernest Ebenezer BRISSON (b 1897) at 30yrs on 16 Feb 1927 in Madras married 25yr Annie Sarah MURIEL (b 1902 daughter of Edward and Sarah Muriel) , children:

  1. Edwin James Brisson (b 16 May 1927, c 2 Jun 1927 Madras)

  2. Antony Joseph Brisson (b 6 Apr 1929 Madras)

  3. Orpha Mary Brisson (b 1 Feb 1933 Madras)

  4. Marina Noreen Brisson (b 16 May 1936, Egmore, Madras)

Irene Margaret BRISSON (b 1902) at 26yrs on 17 Oct 1928 in Madras married 31yr Benjamin Joseph McDONALD (b 1897 son of John and Florence McDonald), children:

  1. Peter Anthony McDonald (b 22 Sep 1936 Egmore)

Maud Merlyn BRISSON (b 1907) at 22yrs on 22 May 1929 in Madras married 23yr Ernest Clifford WILLARD (b 1906 son of Arthur William Willard), children:

  1. Isabell Daphne Willard (b 29 Nov 1929 Madras)

  2. Kathleen Lilian Willard (b 17 Nov 1932 Madras)

  3. Dorothy Willard (b 4 Aug 1934 Egmore)

  4. Ivan Ernest Joseph Willard (b 24 Feb 1937 Madras)

  5. Virginia Rachel Willard (b 5 Sep 1939 Vepery)

Clara Santanna BRISSON (b 12 Mar 1908 Madras) at 32yrs on 2 Apr 1940 in Kolar Goldfields married 52yr widowed Douglas PANCHARD (b 1888 son of Rudolph Panchard)


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