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I am searching for my Ancestors originally from Coonoor & Ooty- McDonalds. They were:- William/Harriet (F) / James/Henry/Reuben/Samuel(my Father)/Walter, all born in Coonoor.  I will also be very grateful for any news of their Father (Reuben?) &McDonald their Mother (Ruth?)- My Grand Father & Grand Mother. Also of my Father's Grand Father, who supposedly came from Scotland round about 1930 or so. A person called Sally has given quite a lot of news of the Family, mostly of my Uncles, nothing about my Father/G.F/G.G.F). I shall be very greatly obliged of any news of them (Grand Parents & Great Grand Parents). , With Thanks & Best  Wishes. Eric William McDonald, s/o Frank Samuel McDonald.  I was born in Coonoor in 23 Sept. 1927


Samuel McDONALD on 15 Oct 1834 in Cuddalore married Charlotte CRAMPTON, children:

  1. Margaret McDonald (b 15 Aug 1840 Secunderabad)

  2. Michael McDonald (b 2 Feb 1841 Secunderabad)

  3. John Easter McDonald (b 1849, d 16 Apr 1916 Ooty)

  4. William McDonald (b 7 May 1851 Madras)

  5. Bartholomew James McDonald (b 1853, d 7 Jun 1854 Secunderabad)

  6. George Alexander McDonald (b 9 Dec 1855 Cannanore)

Next Generation

John Easter McDONALD (b 1849, d 16 Apr 1916 Ooty) married Rachel ?, children

  1. Rose Matilda McDonald (b 19 Mar 1876 Ooty)

  2. Grace Amelia MacDonald (b 11 Sep 1879 Ooty)

  3. William Richard MacDonald (b 25 Feb 1887 Ooty)

  4. Christopher Adolphus MacDonald (b 10 May 1889 Ooty)

  5. Frank Samuel McDonald (b 27 Apr 1892 Ootcamand)

  6. Henry Samuel MacDonald (b 5 Apr 1894 Ooty)

Next Generation

Christopher Adolphus MacDONALD (b 10 May 1889 Ooty) on 28 Nov 1935 in Coonoor married 17yr Norah Eileen Theresa SAMPSON (b 1918 daughter of Henry Wilfred & Mildred Laural  Sampson)


Frank Samuel McDONALD (b 27 Apr 1892 Ootcamand) married Maud Alice ?, children:

  1. Edna Sheila McDonald (b 21 Oct 1922 Wellington)

  2. Oscar Stanley McDonald (b 5 Sep 1925 Coonoor)

  3. William Eric McDonald (b 23 Sep 1927 Coonoor)

Next Generation

Edna Sheila McDonald (b 21 Oct 1922 Wellington) at 16yrs on 24 Apr 1939 in Chaibassa married 28yr widowed Frank Frederick FREEMAN (b 1911 son of James Freeman)



info from

?? McDONALD married ??, children:

  1. Annie Augusta Hay McDONALD (born abt. 1852, Peshawor, West Bengal, India)

Next Generation
Annie Augusta Hay McDONALD (born abt. 1852, Peshawor, West Bengal, India) married Walter WOOD (born abt. 1840, England). Children:

  1. Ethel WOOD (born February 13, 1878, Allahabad, West Bengal, India)

  2. Fanny WOOD (born November 12, 1879, Allahabad, West Bengal, India)

  3. William WOOD (born abt. 1880, Allahabad, West Bengal, India)

  4. Edith WOOD (born September 13, 1883, Peshawur, Lahore, India)

  5. Harry WOOD (born abt. 1885, India) 6. Duncan WOOD (born abt. 1888, India)

  6. Violet WOOD (born abt. 1890, Lancs, Manchester, England)

  7. Mabel Sarah WOOD (born October 26, 1891, Nether Hallam, Yorkshire, Sheffield, England)

  8. Winifred Annie WOOD (born abt. 1895, Hants, Aldershot, England)


info from Sally

?? McDONALD married ??, children:

  1. William Richard McDonald

  2. Henry McDonald

  3. James McDonald

  4. Samuel McDonald (Sam)

  5. ? sister McDonald

Next Generation
William Richard McDONALD married Cissy D'ROSA, children

1.Dorothy McDonald (Dotty) married (twice)
2.Charles Brunton McDonald
3.Fanny McDonald (Died long time ago)
4.Henry Norbert McDonald (Ossie)
5.Laura McDonald
6.George McDonald
7.Edward McDonald (Eddie)

Next Generation

Dorothy McDONALD (Dotty) married Joe MILLER and they had four children:

  1. Vincent Miller (Jimmy)

  2. Kenneth Miller (Kenny)

  3. Rosalind Miller (Tootsie)

  4. Brian (JOOkes)

Dorothy McDONALD (Dotty) remarried (after Joe miller died)  Jim SYLVESTER, they had one daughter

  1. June Sylvester married Manual Rodrigues and have two children and settled in Australia

Charles Brunton McDONALD (Charley) married Dulcie ? .and they had seven children:

  1. Preston Richard McDonald ( not married)

  2. Terrance Milton McDonald ( married to Arleen...and have three  children Melody and Fabian and ?...

  3. Cathrine Maud McDonald (married to Ivor Cronning and has three boys Glenn, Kenny and ?///

  4. Brian Mcdonald (married details not known)

  5. Stanley McDonald

  6. Malcolm McDonald (died lately)

  7. Eric McDonald

Henry Norbert McDONALD (Ossie) ( Born 15th Dec) married Jeanette Margaret STEVENS (born 10th June) and they had 6 children:

  1. William Rupert McDonald (born 22nd Nov 1939)

  2. Joan Mcdonald (born 2nd Jan 41 and died 8th june 1958)

  3. Ivan Hector McDonald (born 22nd april 1943)

  4. Yvonne Barbara McDonald (born 15th March 1944)

  5. Chrystal Marina McDonald (born  11 th Jan 1945)

  6. Denise Brunton McDonald (born 10th Feb 1948)

Laura McDONALD married Lional BEALE and they had four children

  1. Hycianth Beale (b 8th April 19....) married to Ian Hussey at Ootacamund

  2. Derrick Beale  married to Angela Wood at Coonoor Nilgiris

  3. Heather Beale (b 4th April 19..) married Allan Dias at Bombay

  4. Maxwell Beale married Kay.....from Cochin (Maxwell died in madras a few years ago)

George McDONALD married to Esme WHITE of Coimbatore and have five children:

  1. Robert McDonald

  2. Barbara McDonald

  3. Gordon McDonald

  4. Mary Ann McDonald

  5. Jean McDonald

Edward McDONALD (Eddie) married ? McDONALD and have two girls names not known?


Next Generation
William Rupert Maurice McDONALD (born 22nd Nov 1939) married Sarah (Sally) Evelyn Maureen DAVID on the 21st August 1965 at st Marys church Ooty and they had two children:

  1. Charmayne Penelope Ann McDonald (b1966)

  2. Geoffrey Colin Mark Mcdonald  (b1968

Ivan Hector McDONALD (b1943) married Racheal CRANSTON on the 17th April 1966 at st Marys church Ootacamund and they had two children:

  1. Ursalla McDonald b1966

  2. Creswell McDonald b1968 at ooty.

Yvonne Barbara McDONALD (b1944) married Cyril PEREIRA from Bangalore  on the 16th Dec 1967 and they have three girls namely:

  1. Glynis Angela Pereira ( b1969) married Valentine Doyher and have one girl Cassendra

  2. Althea Pereira ( b1970 ) married Mahesh Selvaraj and settled in Australia they have two boys Daniel and Jamie

  3. Rochelle Pereira (b1972) married Gavin Dias and have one son Shaun

Chrystal Marina McDONALD married Carlton CRONNING on 3rd January 1970  and they had three children:

  1. Candida Cronning (b1971) married Dominic Carr and have 2 children: Amelia & Brad, expecting the third in may 2005

  2. Russel Cronning (Born on 25th Oct.....?  and died after one month

  3. Mary-Ann Cronning (b 1st Jan d 4th Jan 1974

Denise Brunton McDONALD married Carmin Razario of Hyderabad on 13th May 1975 and they had two children:

  1. Clinton McDonald (b1976)

  2. Electra McDonald (b1977)

Robert McDonald married Cheryl Vanspall from Bangalore.  They have two children,

  1. Christopher McDonald

  2. Rochelle McDonald.

Barbara McDonald married Francisco Rodrigues They have two daughters and live permanently in London, UK


Gordon McDonald married Jean ? and they have two children.  They now live in Australia.


Mary Ann McDonald married Randolph Sladen.  They have two sons and live in New Zealand.

  1. Angelo Sladen

  2. Agnelo Sladen

Jean McDonald married Patrick ? They have three daughters and live in Delhi.


Next Generation

Charmayne Penelope Ann McDONALD  (b1966) married to Rocky SWAIN on 18th May 1989 at Bangalore  she has one daughter

  1. Steffi Swain (b1990)

Geoffrey Colin Mark McDONALD (b1968) married Loraine Mary VAZ on 30th Nov 1990 at Bombay.. they have one daughter

  1. Amanda Kristen McDonald (b1993)

Ursalla McDONALD (b1966)  on 23rd July 2003 at Hyderabad married 1st cousin Clinton McDONALD (b1976) permanently working  in Dubai

Creswell McDONALD married Leslie Ann have one son

  1. Shaun McDonald

Electra McDONALD married Danny Rao on 19th Jan 2005 at Hyderabad.



Hello, I am trying to research my family tree . My grandmother was Doreen Desiree Herft ( nee McDonald ) and Grandfather was Herbert Stanley Herft . I think grandad was a station master for the East Indian Railway . They lived in Nagpur I believe ... but also lived in Calcutta . Grandad was from madras . Any information really would be appreciated. Thanks Debra


?? McDONALD married ??, children:

  1. Neill McDonald

Next Generation

Neill McDONALD married Mary Maud ?, children:

  1. Mildred Margaret McDonald (b 5 Jan 1904 Saidpur)

  2. Robert Malcom McDonald (b 16 May 1909 Saidpur)

  3. George William McDonald (b 24 Aug 1911 Saidpur)

  4. Terence Frederick McDonald (b 26 Mar 1916 Asansol)

  5. Doreen Desiree Johan McDonald (b 28 Jul 1920 Bilaspur)

  6. Florence Maud Mary McDonald (b 26 Jul 1922 Bilaspur)

  7. Frederick Malcolm McDonald (b 14 Mar 1926 Bilaspur)

Next Generation

Doreen Desiree Johan McDONALD (b 28 Jul 1920 Bilaspur) married Herbert Stanley HERFT (b 13 Feb 1904 Madras, son of Edward and Esther May Herft)




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