BRETAGNE Family Tree

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? BRETAGNE married ?, children:

  1. Marie Arthur Bretagne

Next Generation

Marie Arthur BRETAGNE married  ?, children:

  1. Joseph Patrick Bretagne (b 1897)


Next Generation

Joseph Patrick BRETAGNE (b 1897) at 28yrs on 14 Sep 1925 in Byculla married 26yr Irene Margaret JACKSON, (b 1899, daughter of Meharn Daniel Jackson) children:

  1. Reginald Hogan Bretagne (b 13 Aug 1926 Bombay) AKA Tony Brent

  2. Patricia Marion Anita Bretagne (b 9 Apr 1932, c 15 May 1932 Bombay). On 12 Dec 1952, 20yr Patricia, occup: Typist, departed Southampton port on P&O ship "Carthage" for Bombay.

  3. Andre Bernard Jackson Bretagne (b 11 Feb 1934 Bombay). On 20 Mar 1954, 20yr apprentice Andre, departed Southampton port on Polish Osean Lines "Batory" for Bombay.

Next Generation

Reginald Hogan BRETAGNE (b 13 Aug 1926 Bombay, d 1993 Sydney ) AKA Tony Brent, Noreen Ellen Merlyn CRAWFORD. (b 6 Jul 1930, d 1981 Sydney, daughter of Henry and Mona Beryl Maude Crawford). On 11 Mar 1949 Noreen at age 18, departed Southampton port on P&O ship "Canton" for Bombay. Children

  1. Kevin Bretagne

  2. Karen Bretagne


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