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info from Geraldine Raymond Herewith some details with regard to my Mother, Maisie Constance Crawford's family tree. If anyone can add any more information to this, shall be grateful.

Info from Ivy , Lillian Beale   Bangalore  phone  08055302589  /  mob. 9845448802

?? CRAWFORD married ??, children:

  1. Charles Crawford

Next Generation

Charles CRAWFORD married Lillian Gertrude TAYLOR (Britisher, died 6/8/1933) 

  1. Maisie Constance Crawford (born on 14th June, 1923 and died on 3 Jan 1984)  took the name of her Stepfather and went as Maisie Constance HEPPOLETTE.
  2. Augustine Crawford (Buddah)

Next Generation

Maisie Constance CRAWFORD (born on 14th June, 1923 and died on 3 Jan 1984)  took the name of her Stepfather and went as Maisie Constance HEPPOLETTE. She married Cyril Thomas ROBERTS (born on 23rd March 1914 and died on 14th June, 1985,  s/o Willy Roberts and Sarah Ann Caroline. Sarah died on 2nd April 1967.) Maisie has 9 children whose names are:

  1. Aurelia Roberts
  2. Jacqueline Roberts 
  3. Olive Roberts 
  4. Geraldine Roberts 
  5. Carlton Roberts 
  6. June Roberts 
  7. Bernadine Roberts 
  8. Bernard Roberts
  9. Lynette Roberts 

(Maisie & Cyril and their children lived and died in Marredpally, Secunderabad.)

Augustine CRAWFORD (Buddha) married Patricia Mary GORDON, 7 children:

  1. Lillian Crawford
  2. Ivan Crawford
  3. Marion Crawford
  4. Jennifer Crawford
  5. Priscilla Crawford 
  6. Christibelle Crawford
  7. Andrew Crawford died 31 December 1993  age 36 years

    (info from Lillian Beale )

Next Generation
Lillian Crawford married Ian BEALE children:

  1. Liane Beale
  2. Stephen  Beale,

Ivan Crawford married Deborah EDWARDS on 27th April (year not known) and their family had settled down in KGF, Bangalore.  one son

  1. Leone married Edweena Bennette, one child Rebekkha Megan

Marion Crawford married Maurice ROZARIO  one child:

  1. Vanessa married jude roy  residing in canada

Jennifer Crawford married Karl GOITTING, residing in Canada,  two boys:

  1. Fritz
  2. Elton  

Priscilla Crawford married David WARD, residing  UK.,  three daughters:

  1. Gail
  2. Linda
  3. Christine  

Christibelle Crawford married Allen MASCARENHAS, residing  France,  two boys:

  1. Marc
  2. Charles  

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