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Samuel BEDE married ?, children:

  1. Victor John Bede (b 1897, d 30 May 1943 Lahore)

  2. Edward Bede (b 2 Apr 1924, c 25 May 1924 Ambala, changed surname to Hawkins) married Daphne Contience BALDWIN in Calcutta about 1950, then moved to Bombay, children: Cynthia Hawkins

Next Generation

Victor John BEDE (b 1897, d 30 May 1943 Lahore)  married Poppy Veronica Marie HITCHCOCK (b 1897, d 13 Jul 1928 Srinagar, daughter of S A Hitchcock)


Victor John BEDE (b 1897, d 30 May 1943 Lahore) widowed, at 36yrs on 29 Jul 1933 in Lhore married 23yr Mabel Margaret EVANS (b 1910, daughter of Edward Charles Evans), children:

  1. Jarvis John Bede (b 1 Jun 1934, c 22 Jun 1934 Lahore)

  2. Arnold Alexander Bede (b 25 Apr 1936, c 1 Jun 1936 Lahore)

Mabel Margaret BEDE nee EVANS (b 1910, daughter of Edward Charles Evans) widowed, at 35yrs on 23 Feb 1945 in Lahore married 39yr Neville Barney Horrocks-Murphy (b 1906, son of Joseph Horrock-Murphy)


Next Generation



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