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?? EVANS married ??, children:

  1. Charlotte Evans

  2. sister married GORMAN at Podnur,

  3. sister married BROWN at Podnur who worked in South Africa Gold mines,

  4. it is presumed there were 5 sisters.) 

  5. Anyone has any idea???

Next Generation

Charlotte EVANS married George Robert THOMPSON born in WESSEX, England, came to India as CHIEF ACCOUNTANT with the EAST INDIA COMPANY, year born & died are available at Madurai, Divine Patience Church. He later moved on to work at the DEWAN OFFICE, Mysore and met his wife.  Children:

  1. Christopher Melville Thompson (our Grandfather) married Mildred Wilheimina Winter

  2. Edwin Thompson never married

  3. Norah Thompson married (surname only available) DRUMMOND was in the Police went away to England

  4. Kathleen Thompson married name not known went away to England

  5. John Thompson married name not known and went to AUSTRALIA not sure where.

  6. Rupert Kelly Thompson married Hilda David at Madras and had 5 children.

  7. Leslie Thompson (not sure of name) no idea what happened to him.


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??EVANS married ??, children:

  1. William Evans ( b 1908, India)

Next Generation
William EVANS ( b 1908, India) married ??, children:



??EVANS married ??, children:

  1. James Samuel Evans

Next Generation

James Samuel EVANS married Edith Eliza ?, children:

  1. Arthur Dennis Evans (b Jul 1908)


Next Generation

Arthur Dennis EVANS (b 26 Jul 1908) at 22yrs in Lahore on 8 Jul 1930 married 22yr Mabel Irene BIRD (b 1908, daughter of Walter Edward Bird)



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?? EVANS married William Edward Greathead WILSON (b India 1840) Children:

  1. Albert Edward Greathead Wilson (b India 1867)


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