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Information obtained at British Library India Office by Mike Kerry :-

Capt. John Napleton BEAVER of the Madras 2nd NVB, apart from 15 children via 3 English wives, also had a child via "a hindu woman", named 

  1. Samuel BEAVER, born 15 Nov 1841in Madras.

Next Generation

Samuel BEAVER married Jane JOHNSON 27th Jul 1864 at St. Mark's, Bangalore, children:

  1. Samuel Albert Johnson BEAVER, born 14 Apr 1868.

Next Generation

Samuel Albert Johnson BEAVER (Chief Clerk, DCs office, Sagaing) married Violet Matilda ELIZA, children:

  1. Harold Arthur Napleton BEAVER born 4 Jul 1902 at Sagaing.

(Note the repeat of the name Napleton, strengthening the link back to Capt. John Napleton BEAVER).

Next Generation

Harold Arthur Napleton BEAVER married Constance Mawson O'HARA on 28 Dec 1932 at Sagaing and  they had two daughters

  1. Eileen Constance BEAVER born 5 Dec 1935

  2. Diana Joan BEAVER  born 27 Oct 1938

(I'd love to know what happened to Eileen and Diana. They would be cousins of my wife. Regards, Mike Kerry )

Next Generation   (info from Lisa Flockhart )

(Harold and Constance brought their family to Australia Via England after the war.)

Eileen Constance BEAVER (born 5 Dec 1935) married John RUTTER in 1957. They divorced in 1962.

Eileen Constance then married Hugh John CHILD (d1989) on 27/12/62. They had two children.

  1. Helen (b1966)

  2. Stephen (b1970).

Diana Joan BEAVER (b1938) married Gwyn Elystan John HITCHIN (b1937, d1995) on 3/6/1961. They had three children.

  1. Jaqueline Anne HITCHIN (b1962, d1964),

  2. Gwyn mawson Darcy HITCHIN (b1970)

  3. Lisa Diana HITCHIN (b1975) married Adam Troy FLOCKHART (b1975) on 25/9/2004.

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