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info from Kim Reay

?? REAY married ??, children:

  1. George Reay (b 28/2/1938 ?)

Next Generation
George REAY (born 28/2/1938) married Margaret Elizabeth ?? (born 10/7/1941, died 17/5/2005) in Sunderland England, Children

  1. Antony Reay (born 14/2/1960 England UK

  2. George Reay (born 21/5/1962 England UK

  3. Kim Reay (born 29/4/1964 JHB South Africa


info submitted by Rocky Gerard Reay

?? REAY married ??, children:

  1. Gerald REAY (born 04/01/1930, Bangalore)

Next Generation

Gerald REAY (born 04/01/1930, Bangalore) married Sheila MADDOCK (born 07/24/1929, Bangalore) on 10/07/1958 at St Francis Xaviers Cathedral, Cleveland Town, Bangalore. Children:

  1. Rocky Gerard Reay (born 11/15/1959, Cooke Town, Bangalore, India), Currently living in New Jersey, USA.

  2. Stafford Reay (born 12/09/1963, Fraser Town, Bangalore, India), Currently living in Melbourne, Australia

  3. Mitzy Reay (born 03/18/65, Fraser Town, Bangalore, India), Currently living in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa


?? REAY married ??, children:

  1. Albert Donald Reay (b  ?)

Next Generation

Albert Donald REAY (Railway Employee) married  Ellen Violet LLOYD (died 23/1/1999), children : 

  1. William Edward Reay (born 21/3/1928 Golden Rock, died16/10/2002 Joondalup, Western Australia), 

  2. Dorothy Mary Reay (died aged 7yrs), 

  3. Carlton Leonard Reay 

  4. David Donovan Reay 

  5. Canute Donald Reay

Next Generation

William Edward REAY married Sybil BIRD on 28/12/1956 at Madras. No children. Settled in Leeming, Western Australia. William spent his last few years alone, and died of heart failure on 16/10/2002, aged 74, in the Joondalup Health Campus where his brothers Carlton and David visited him. The contributory cause was pneumonia. His final resting place is in the garden of remembrance in the  Karrakatta cemetery in Western Australia.

Carlton Leonard REAY married Mabel FITZIMMONS, children:

  1. Ivan David Reay

  2. June Reay

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David Donovan REAY married Yvette Antoinette Caszo in 1967 at Kharagpur.  They have one son

  1. Michael Adrian REAY who is a medical doctor in Birmingham, UK

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Canute Donald REAY married ? RODRIGUES, children:


Next Generation

Ivan David REAY married  JACQUELINE MARY MILLS (dt 13/2/1988 Secunderabad INDIA),   Children:

  1. Rodney Daniel Reay (Born 15/11/1988 Hyderabad –INDIA)

  2. Vanessa Ann Reay (Born 29/4/1993 Melbourne –Australia)

  (info from Jacqueline Reay )


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?? REAY married ??, children:

  1. June Dorothy  Reay

Next Generation

June Dorothy REAY married Jude Cecil Mario HOOKENS, children

1. Jason Alistair Hookens (born 3/10/1984, Hyderabad, A.P., India)
2. Jeremy Jonathan Hookens (born 4/1/1991, Secunderabad, A.P., India)

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