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Thomas RAWCLIFFE married ?, children:

  1. James Rawcliffe (b 1862)


James RAWCLIFFE (b 1862) at 25yrs on 29 Dec 1887 in Karachi, married 14yr Lily FOSTER (b 1873, daughter of Alfred Foster), children:

  1. Daisy Gladys Rawcliffe (b 1891)

James RAWCLIFFE (b 1862) widowed, at 33yrs on 5 Sep 1895 in Lahore married 27yr widow Romona D'Silva GABRIEL (b 1868, daughter of Anthony D'Silva)



Daisy Gladys RAWCLIFFE  (b 1891) at 20yrs on 24 Jan 1911 in Lahore married 24yr William Henry BIRD (b 9 June 1886 Jullundur, son of Henry & Ann Bird)



Charles RAWCLIFFE married ??, children:

  1. Joseph Anthony RAWCLIFFE (b 1869)


Joseph Anthony RAWCLIFFE (b 1869) at 30yrs on 3 Jan 1899 in Lahore married 25yr widow  Mary Magdalene BARROBA (nee D'Sylva, b 1874 daughter of Anthony D'Silva), children:

  1. Joseph William Rawcliffe (b 5 Oct 1899 Karachi)

  2. James Christopher Rawcliffe (b 13 Dec 1900 Bombay, d 1980 Greenwich, London)

  3. Mary Magdalene Rawcliffe (b 6 Jan 1903 Karachi, d 28 Jan 1903 Lahore))


James Christopher RAWCLIFFE (b 13 Dec 1900 Bombay, d 1980 Greenwich, London) married Virginia Alexandria D'SYLVA (b 5 Aug 1907 Lahore, India at 1:00 pm (Monday), d 9 Sept 1984 Eltham, London, Godparents: Mrs C Miller & Dominic Gracious). Children:

  1. RITA RAWCLIFFE, b. 1934.


  3. JENNIFER RAWCLIFFE, b. Abt. 1946.

  4. VERONICA RAWCLIFFE, b.  1951.


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