RALSTON Family Tree

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?? RALSTON married ??, children:

  1. Inis Mary Ralston

Next Generation

Inis Mary RALSTON married Samuel Edwin SAXBY (born 12-9-1891 Khandwa. Retired driver on BB&CI Railway) in Gangapur City . They had 4 sons:

  1. Edwin William Saxby {1922-1995} Deputy Commissioner of Police

  2. Ashlyn Maurice Saxby -1924 Gangapur City, Ashlyn represented India in many sports such as Hockey , Soccer and Athletics.

  3. Desmond Claude Saxby - 1926 Bulsar

  4. Carlton John Saxby 1932- 1985 Bulsar


?? RALSTON married ??, children:

  1. Mary Ralston

Next Generation

Mary RALSTON married Walter FONCECA : Children:-

  1. Jeffrey Fonceca
  2. Raymond Fonceca

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