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Charles Edward PUTMAN married Ann SHEWBRIDGE, Children:

  1. Sarah Jane Putman (b 1864 Kurnool, Madras)

  2. Charles Edward Putman (b 1866 Kurnool, Madras, d 1868)

  3. Ellen Ann Putman (b 1868 Kurnool, Madras)

  4. Charles Harry Putman (b 1870 Bangalore, Madras d 1926)

Next Generation
Ellen Ann PUTMAN (b 1868 Kurnool) married in 1890 Austin Daniel INCE (b 1865)

  1. ?? Ince (Daughter) married a Whitton ?? Daughters are Heather & Jean Whitton

Charles Harry PUTMAN (b 1870 Bangalore) married Lauriana Agnes ARAUJO, children:

  1. Charles Harry Putman jnr (b 1917)

  2. Anthony Charles Putman (b 1919)

  3. Helen Mary Putman (b 1925)

Next Generation
Charles Harry PUTMAN jnr (b 1917) married Daisy PRIM, Children:

  1. Robin Putman

  2. Jean Putman

  3. Denzil Putman

  4. Sydney Putman

  5. Carlton Putman (b ? d ?)

  6. Errol Putman

Anthony Charles PUTMAN (b 1919 d 2009) married in 1954 Maria Regina MASCARENHAS, children ;

  1. Robert Charles Putman (b Bulsar, India)

  2. Lorraine Rose Putman (b Bulsar, India)

  3. Cheryl Heather Elizabeth Putman (b Bulsar, India)

  4. Merlyn Bernadette Putman (b Gangapur, India)

  5. Marina Carroll Putman (b Bulsar, India)

Helen Mary PUTMAN (b 1925) married in 1954 Ian Charles DUTTON (b 1930 d 1991), Children:

  1. Neville Frank Dutton (b Bulsar, India)

  2. Ian Conrad Dutton (b Bulsar, India)

Next Generation
Robin PUTMAN married Nora D'MELLOW, children:

  1. Nevada Putman

  2. Charmaine Putman

Jean PUTMAN married Ivor FERNANDES, children:

  1. Sunita Putman

  2. Sanjay Putman

Denzil PUTMAN married Ingrid AGUIAR children One daughter

Sydney PUTMAN married Marilyn SHEMAINE children Two daughters

Errol PUTMAN married Constance SHEMAINE (d. ) 2 children

Robert Charles PUTMAN married Sandra FERNANDES, children:

  1. Caryn Putman

  2. Ginelle Putman

Lorraine Rose PUTMAN married Kenneth REGHELINI, children:

  1. Andrew James Reghelini

  2. Brian Jude Reghelini

Cheryl Heather Elizabeth PUTMAN married Bruno ROBERTS children

  1. Carlton Terrence Roberts

  2. Darren Francois Roberts

Merlyn Bernadette PUTMAN married Roland ROBERTS child

  1. Rhea Clare Roberts

Marina Carroll PUTMAN married Darryl REGHELINI children

  1. Rachel Sophia Reghelini

  2. Denver Mark Reghelini

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