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Charles William MORAIS (born about 1786) married about 1806 Maria Roza ...?, children :

  1. Marcella Delphine Morais (born June 1808, died 9 October 1840)

Next Generation

Marcella Delphine MORAIS, (born June 1808, died 9 October 1840) married Eleuterio D’ARACHY, (born about 1796) , married 21 September 1829, (his 3rd. marriage). Children:

  1. Jane Celestina D'Arachy (born circa 1831, died 13/6/1900)

  2. Harriet Emma D'Arachy (born circa 1832)

  3. Charles Thomas D'Arachy (born circa 1833)

  4. Augusta Eliza D'Arachy

  5. Jessie Anastasia D'Arachy

  6. Marcella Alexandrina D'Arachy (10/3/1838 - 19/8/1839)

  7. Alfred Henry Octavius D'Arachy (baptised 29/7/1840)

  8. Amelia Delphina D'Arachy (baptised 29/7/1840)

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