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Bears Hill view of the school's new buildings in the foreground. School Chapel is at the rear on the right.

MONT.gif (10997 bytes)Montfort Boys High School,

Yercaud, Salem District

An old view from the main entrance, Chapel on the left, right fork takes you up to the Principal's office and the school bell. The roads are now sealed. Below: Main entrance to the School from Small Lake side, The name has changed a few times, from Montfort Boys High School to Montfort Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School.

Chapel on top of the museum and Scout's rooms. Solid granite

Sunlit windows inside the Chapel at morning service. Not much has changed inside.

Group in front of the Grotto which is between the Principal's office and the Chapel. Bee hives behind the grotto provided the honey to the staff. 1960's.

Playing field below the Seniors Dormitory. Walkway to the left and below takes you to Charmettes (for juniors). Building in the middle housed the picture hall at the rear and library at the front up till about 1960. Siren control was on top of the white door. Dormitory building at the rear, with the dining rooms below it.

Left.  Altar servers with Bro.? & Ashley Hayes after Easter Sunday Service 1960's.  

Right. Russel Rozario (back), Vernon Fonceca (right). Others ??

School Dogs, Leena & Co, on 2nd field near bathing room

Above. Getting ready in front of the principal's office for a Sunday morning walk with either Brother Felix or Brother Basilio (Paunchy). 1960's. Bears hill seen in the background.

Left: FONCECA Boys, Brian, Russel, Leslie, Vernon & Gordon. The 5 boys in school at once, created a record.


New Tennis courts viewed from  top of a new building near Charmaytes. Shevaroy Hotel is on top of the hill seen in the background.

Cubs Meeting behind Charmaytes (1960's) with the tennis court in the background (this has since been removed and buildings erected on.). Gordon Fonceca is 4th from right in front row.

Sorry sight of the demolished boxing room area in front of the kitchen and alongside 5th field below Paunchy's dormitory. The "bogs" is behind the photographer.


MONTFORT SCOUTS. 1st and 2nd Troops. 1960's

Yercaud children playing


High Street, Yercaud. Note the donkeys

Sisters Grace & Jennifer of SHY

Children at SHY



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