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I am looking for any Michael's related to John Michael from Hyderabad OR his daughter Margaret Michael of Gunfoundry, Hyderabad.india. Christopher Martinz cowboychris2412@yahoo.com.au


info from Alicia   alicia25_2@hotmail.com
?? MICHAEL married ??, children:

  1. Fredrick Michael

Next Generation

Fredrick Michael married Sylvia D'Rozario ??Children 8(Perambur Chennai):

  1. Ferdinand Michael (Perambur Chennai)

  2. Mary Michael (Perambur Chennai)

  3. Berny Michael(Perambur Chennai)

  4. Sandra Michael(Perambur Chennai)

  5. Angela Michael(Perambur Chennai)

  6. Jacky Michael(Perambur Chennai)

  7. Lyndon Michael(Perambur Chennai)

  8. Anna Michael (Perambur Chennai)

Next Generation

Ferdinand Michael Married Annie EDMONDS Children 2(Perambur Chennai)

  1. Alexis Michael

  2. Alicia Michael

Mary Michael Married Ian Walker ???Children 1(Melbourne Australia)

  1. Dwan Walker

Berny Michael Married Ooto Graham ???Children 2(Melbourne Australia)

  1. Emlyn Graham

  2. Amelia Graham

Sandra Michael Married Algeron Wills??Children 2 (Melbourne Australia)

  1. Shantelle Wills

  2. Asheligh Wills

Angela Michael Married Collin Jacob???Children 3(Melbourne Australia)

  1. Alison Jacob

  2. Martina Jacob

  3. Austin jacob

Jacky Michael Married Darryl Vaz???Children 1(Melbourne Australia)

  1. Sarah Vaz

Anna Michael Married Troy Yates???Children 2(Melbourne Australia)

  1. Tristan Yates

  2. Teagan Yates


info from Cynthia Shear georgeshear@hotmail.com

Hi, I am Cynthia - looking for descendants of my great grand mother's (Mary/Maria Antonio Mitchell) side of people- daughter of Felix Mitchell & Susanna Michael who passed away in Meerut (India). My great grand mother had a brother (Joe Mitchell), married to ? They had (I think) five children - Eric, Sebastian, Christina, Margaret & Magdnel( hope I have the names correct). I had heard, they had left for another country, where ? Anyone with any information may get in touch with me on this e-mail( georgeshear@hotmail.com)

?? MICHAEL married ??, children:

  1. Susanna Michael

Next Generation

Susanna MICHAEL (d  Meerut, India) married Felix MITCHELL, children:

  1. Mary/Maria Antonio Mitchell

  2. Joe Mitchell married ??, had 5 children ,? Eric, Sebastian, Christina, Margaret & Magdnel


info from Rev. Desmond Tully desmond1949@sify.com

Rev.Desmond Tully, The Gospel Centre, Zone-4 Birsanagar, P.O.Telco, Jamshedpur-831004.  Ph 91 657 2285524

?? MICHAEL married ??, children:

  1. Beryl Mertyl Michael

  2. Eddie Michael

       (Still trying to trace brothers. )

Next Generation

Beryl Mertyl MICHAEL of Kharagpur  married Osmond Victor TULLY (born ?, d 1970) Foreman at Adra, Children:

  1. Charlie,

  2. Brian,

  3. Maxwell,

  4. Desmond

  5. Richard.

  6. Iris,

  7. Jennifer,

  8. June,Coleen,

  9. Theadore.

Eddie MICHAEL married Ernie BARTELL of Khargpur- all his children are in the UK. Longing to contact relatives and friends..)


info from sharon.michael@minterellison.com & Edwin George Michael  egm@bigpond.net.au

Percival MICHAEL (Percy) married ??, children:

  1. Percival Michael Jr,

  2. Laura Michael

  3. Kenneth Henry Michael

Kenneth Henry MICHAEL (b ?) married Pearl Alice WHITE (b 9/5/1916 Calcutta, d 25/9/1999 Perth), children:

  1. Alma Diana Michael (b 24/10/1937 Calcutta, studied at St. Pauls, d Perth 14/12/1978or79 (unsure)

  2. Edwin George Michael (born 16/07/40, Calcutta)

Next Generation

Alma Diana MICHAEL (b 24/10/1937 Calcutta, studied at St. Pauls,  d Perth) married Max HUGH, children:

  1. Christine Alma Hugh (born 25/12/1961) married Max Agacy & have a daughter named ??? Agacy. They all live in Perth

  2. Sandra Edwina Hugh (born 22/8/1963)

Edwin George MICHAEL (born 16/07/40, Calcutta) married Dorothy Maria CONWAY (born 12/1247, New Delhi). children:

  1. Brenda Michael (b 66 Calcutta),

  2. Sharon Michael (b 72 Perth)

  3. Steven Michael (b 73 Perth)

Next Generation

Brenda Fay MICHAEL (born 16/11/66, Calcutta) married Wayne Thomas FORKIN (b 63, Perth, Western Australia), children:

  1. Michael Thomas Forkin (b 1995, Perth, WA),

  2. Stephanie Jade Forkin (b 1997, Perth, WA)

Steven George MICHAEL (born 5/12/73, Perth, WA) married Laureen Joan Selvaratnam (b 73, Malaysia), children:

  1. Elise Laureen Michael (b 2001, Sydney, NSW), 

  2. Christopher Steven Michael (b 2002 Perth, WA).

info from keithmitch@bigpond.com.au

?? MICHAEL married ??, children:

  1. Dennis Michael

Next Generation

Dennis MICHAEL married Phyllis Mildred MITCHELL (b 1922 Dongargah, migrated to Aust in 1970, taught in a number of schools, d 4/5/2000 Melbourne), children:


info submitted by  e@erikachivers.co.uk

?? MICHAEL married ??, children:

  1. Rollo Michael (born 1926, Bangalore)

Next Generation

Rollo MICHAEL (b 1926?,Bangalore) married Doris Sophia D'GAMA (b  6/1/35,Bangalore),moved to the UK in 1947, lived in Kidderminster then North London, children








info from  kristymorritt@hotmail.com

?? MICHAEL married ??, children:

  1. Winifred MICHAEL

  2. Hazel MICHAEL

  3. Olivia MICHAEL.

Next Generation

Winifred MICHAEL married Alfred MORRITT, widower, They had a son,

  1. Earl Morritt

Hazel MICHAEL also married ???.

Olivia Maise MICHAEL (born 1924,Chingleput, India) married Albert Raymond Brian Mansfield MacDONALD, children:

  1. Craig Gerard MacDonald (born 1963, Madras)


?? MICHAEL married ??, children:

  1. Anita Michael

Next Generation

Anita MICHAEL married Rae Anthony LeMERLE:

  1. Glen LeMerle

  2. Gregory LeMerle

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