MAWER Family Tree

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William Henry Gordon MAWER [Chittagog, Patna, Calcutta] married ??, children:

  1. Eric MAWER (Calcutta)
  2. Arnold Mervyn Mawer
  3. Edith MAWER
  5. Terrance MAWER [married... in England]

William Henry Gordon MAWER [Chittagog, Patna, Calcutta] married twice, the second wife's name was Dorothy ???, Children [second wife]

  1. Thomas MAWER married Daphne ???][ died Sydney, Australia]
  2. Myrtle Mawer
  3. Dorothy MAWER
  4. Edna MAWER
  5. Francis Alexander Mawer
  6. John Mawer and James mawer [twins]. James MAWER married ??? had two children last heard was Justice of the Peace in Brisbane.
  7. Cynthia Mawer married CARL ... in Brisbane

Next Generation

Eric MAWER (Calcutta, Melbourne] married Stella ???  [died ???] Children:

  1. Peter Mawer
  2. Jennifer Mawer [born in Calcutta, Sudder street, currently in Melbourne.

Arnold Mervyn Mawer [later Mervyn DEAN] married Phyllis Thompson. Children:

  1. Christopher Dean,
  2. Jennifer Dean,
  3. Colleen Dean
  4. Wendy Dean [currently in Brisbane, Australia]

Myrtle Mawer married Derek WOOD from Calcutta, emigrated in '70's to Brisbane]

Dorothy MAWER married Francis LeMaire from Calcutta, emigrated to Brisbane] Children

  1. Cynthia LeMaire [currently Tasmania]
  2. Sharon LeMaire

Edna MAWER married Henry HULLEY from Calcutta, emigrated to Brisbane in 1970's] children

  1. Kevin HULLEY
  2. Heather HULLEY. [both born in Calcutta]
  3. Lynn HULLEY [born in Brisbane]

Francis Alexander MAWER (born 04/10/1942) from Sudder street Calcutta married Elizabeth Rita WALESKIE (Patna) at Ranchi ion 27 february 1958. Children:

  1. Francis William Mawer (later Frank Krishner)(born 20/11/58, Ranchi, Bihar, India)
  2. Rudolph Thomas Mawer (born 30/3/62)
  3. Angelina Bernadette Mawer (born 30/06/1970)

Next Generation

Rudolph Thomas Mawer [Patna] married Robina Pitts [gaya/Calcutta] and had the following children

  1. Ryan MAWER [28/06/1987]
  2. Ralph Angelo Mawer [11/11/1988]
  3. Ramona AWER [9/9/1990]
  4. Rachel Mawer [3/6/1992]

Angelina Bernadette MAWER married Floyd D'COSTA [Patna, Mumbai] (son of Roque and Ann D'Costa), children:

  1. Mark Francis D'Costa [13/11/1999]

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