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Alexander Frederick MANLY married ??, children:

  1. Arthur Verploegh Manly (b 1857, d 5 May 1936 age 79, Calcutta)

Next Generation

Arthur Verploegh MANLY (b 1857, d 5 May 1936 age 79, Calcutta) at age 21 on 1 June 1878 at Fort William married Florence Marion ?? age 19 (b 1859, Father: Andrew Ewin Manly), children:

  1. Sybil May Manly (b 8 Aug 1880 Bhaugulpore, Bengal, d 4 May 1894 Agra, age 13)

  2. Mervyn Evelyn Manly (b 23 May 1882 Bhaugulpore, Bengal)

  3. Esmie Irene Manly (b 10 Mar 1884)

  4. Lina Manly (b 16 Apr 1885 Asansol, Bengal)

  5. Anice Irene Manly (b 18 Jun 1888 Madlinpur, Bengal)

  6. Hope Iva Irene Manly (b 19 Sep 1891 Calcutta)

  7. Veronica Iris Manly (b 12 Oct 1900 Kasauli, d 22 Jul 1908 Ambala)

Next Generation

Mervyn Evelyn MANLY (b 1882) on 20 Oct 1915 in Calcutta married Aileen Blanche Eleanor THOMAS widow (nee Williams, b 1886, Father: F A Williams, sister: Mabel Williams who married Henry Gomes, d 27 Apr 1931 age 48 Calcutta)


Mervyn Evelyn MANLY (b 1882) on 2 May 1934 in Howrah at age 52 married Ada Grace KINGHAM widow, age 48 (b 1886, daughter of Robert Kingham)



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