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info from Yvonne Joan Hatton jmpayne@dodo.com.au

Joseph Adolphous HATTON (Born 1833, Canterbury England) married ??, children:

  1. John Osbourne Hatton (b ?)

Next Generation

John Osbourne Hatton (b ?) married Alice Irene ??, children:

  1. Osbourne John Hatton    (Born 15/02/1913)

Next Generation

Osbourne John Hatton (Born 15/02/1913) married Edith Marie ?? (Born 19/06/1916), children:

  1.  Yvonne Joan Hatton (Born 19/05/1938, Calcutta)

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info from Prudence Hatton  04013778@beaudeseshs.eq.edu.au

Bill HATTON married ??, children:

  1. Barry Hatton

Next Generation

Barry HATTON  married Margret FORD. Together they gave birth to

  1. Carolyn Hatton (Carolyn gave birth to Prudence Fish who changed name to Hatton. Also gave birth to Lillian Gross. Neither Children Married yet.)

  2. James Hatton.


info from mandgwalter@sagainternet.co.uk , My husband, Geoffrey Meppen-Walter is the son of Groves and Norah and is second cousin once removed to Rhonda Mathew.

?? HATTON married ??, children:

  1. Margaret Hatton

Next Generation

Margaret HATTON (Indo-Briton, Spinster) on 5 November 1834, in the church at Bangalore, married William RIGG, Widower, Private HM Light Dragoons, 15th Hussars, his 2nd marriage (b. probably Halifax, Yorks, UK c. 1807, .d 19th March 1846, aged 39 years, of cholera.) Witnesses: Richard & Mary KINGSTON, 3 Children:

  1. Alexander Rigg (b 21.12.1840)

  2. Susan Rigg (b 9.6.1843)

  3. Frances Elizabeth Rigg (b 21.1.1846)


?? HATTON married ??, children:

  1. Althia HATTON

Next Generation

Althia HATTON married Brendon ALMEIDA, children:

  1. Bruce Almeida
  2. Brian Almeida
  3. Belinda Almeida

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