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info from Debbie Mills rosypockets@rogers.com

My fathers name is Henry Desmond Halge.  He is British but grew up in India.  His fathers name was -- I don't remember but it is on the tip of my brain.  His mothers name was Gertrud.  Yes, now I remember, his name was Harry Halge, and he was a surgeon in India, one of the first doctors who ever did heart surgery.  He also owned a coffee plantation.  My father had a brother who was also a doctor, his name was Godfrey Halge.  He died in a car wreck when he was in his early thirty's.  My name is now Debbie Mills.  I can possibly freak you out a little bit.  Godfrey and Desmond Halge each had one daughter.  I am Debbie and Godfrey's daughters name is Zoe.  We each grew up and got married. I married Peter Mills.  She still lives in England.  I found out through my Dad that she married a man named Lenard Mills.  So, on our side of the family, the Halge name has gone, but both daughters have turned into Mills!!! How weird is that.  So, The Halge saga goes on huh?  Bye for now.  I'm  sure that I will hear back from you because I too am interested.  It would be interesting to web cam to see if there is any Halge resemblance.  It is also interesting that I too am in the medical profession - are any Halges in your life also doctors, nurses, etc.?  Bye for now.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

I am just totally blown away by the fact that there have been Desmond Halges for so many years.  It seems that Desmond, (by the way no one calls my Dad Desmond, they all call him Des.  He has done very well for himself.  He went to school in India when the British were there.  He then went back to England and then immigrated to Canada in 1955.  He went to become the vice president of sales for Burroughs Computers.  When Burroughs merged with Sperry Computers and became Unisyse he was very involved in that transition. When he first came to Canada though, he sold adding machines that he carried around to cold call!! In those days, I guess you could actually get rich by working hard -- unlike today!! He was married to my Mom for 52 years.  She passed away 2 years ago after a very long and sad illness.  He has now moved to Vancouver and is living with his new girl friend -(check it out, he's 83 - you go dude as my daughter would say) and has just returned today from a one month trip to India  -- I'm serious - no kidding.  From Vancouver when he was planning the trip he thought that he could fly Vancouver- Hong Kong - India.  But all of the flights from Hong Kong to India were tough to get.  So Dad and Gerry (his girlfriend/wife, took Vancouver - England - India.  He went and saw all of his old haunts.  Went to Bangalor, Darjeeling, Calcutta, Took a tour of the Taj Mahal.  And much more.  As I said to Dad annd Gerry today, I could keep talking until the moon sets behind the Taj Mahal!  I know that my family is part of the Halge's on this site.  It's been a pleasure sharing another branch of the family with you.  Bye.

Harry HALGE Surgeon, married Gertrude RAGNEY
(mother was Agnes Ragney) children:

  1. Henry Desmond Halge (b UK, grew up in India)

  2. Godfrey Halge (was a Doctor. He died in a car wreck when he was in his early thirty's)

Next Generation

Henry Desmond HALGE , went to school in India when the British were there.  He then went back to England and then immigrated to Canada in 1955.  He went to become the vice president of sales for Burroughs Computers.  married ??, children:

  1. Debra Halge

Godfrey HALGE married  Hazel ??, children:

  1. Zoe Halge

Next Generation

Debra HALGE married Peter MILLS

Zoe HALGE married Lenard MILLS

(Hi Debbi. Desmond is the son of Gertrude, my dads half sister. Gertrude's mother was Agnes Ragney( my grandmother ) who married my grandfather (Henry Hussey) who was a  Doctor in Yercaud, South India. Gertrude was married to Harry Halge and they divorced and she married Hugh Wilson, they moved to Kent in England. I have a photo of my parents wedding with Gertrude, her mother and Desmond at my  Grandparents  house "Sunset View" in Yercaud.

I have met Desmond when I was a child in Madras at Gertrudes House, I  never met Godfrey but I have met Zoe in England a long time ago.  Best wishes, William Hussey  )


info from Graydon Halge,  graydon.halge@sympatico.ca  3500 Glen Erin Drive, #23, Mississauga, Ont L5L 1W6, Canada . Tel. 905 607 4937. Halge' is a Danish name. Believe the origins in India come from the Dutch settlements of Tranquebar in South India.

William HALGE (born 1797 approx) married  Sarah Matilde ? , children ? :

Samuel HALGE (born 1847) married Francis Louisa ?, children ? :

Wilfred HALGE (born 1873) married Kathaleen Florence WAGSTAFF, children :

  1. Desmond Wilfred Halge (b 1922)

  2. Cynthia Halge (b1923)

  3. Christine Halge (b 1924)

  4. Cedric Halge (b 1926)

Next Generation

Desmond Wilfred HALGE married Esther Theresa PEACOCK, children :

  1. Graydon Halge (b 1954)

  2. Amanda Halge (b 1967)

  3. Melanie Halge (b 1969)

Christine HALGE (b 1924) married Thomas SCANLON - Children:

  1. Lorraine Scanlon

Cedric HALGE (b 1926) married Maureen SULLIVAN -Children:

  1. Carol Halge

  2. Allison Halge

  3. Gillian Halge

  4. Keith Halge

Next Generation

Graydon HALGE married Shirley Patricia JOSEPH, children :

  1. Warren Halge (b 1985)

  2. Stuart Halge (b 1987)

Above compiled from available Marriage, Birth and Discharge certificates.


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