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EVA IDA VERNIEUX BENSLEY is my paternal granmother, she died when I was ten years of age, from my researches I have found a HENRY WALTER BENSLEY in Thackers Directory for 1895 as a second clerk in the Cin C's office at Simla, there is also a Mrs BENSLEY working for a firm of tailors and outfitters in Simla and Calcutta and this seems to go with the fact that ARCHIBALD MILLER ROBINSON was a tailor and cutter. I would very much like to contact anyone with information about the family BENSLEY or VERMIENE, the name VERNIEUX should be included...


James FRIZZLE (b 1796, d 19 Oct 1845 Allahabad) on 25 Mar 1827 in Saugor, Bengal married Elizabeth BROWNE, children:

  1. Charlotte Frizzle (b 1830, d 18 Jan 1899 Calcutta, 69yrs)

  2. Robert William Frizzle (b 12 Jan 1832 Saugor)

  3. Margaret Frizzle (b & d 23 Apr 1833 Saugor)

  4. ? David Frizzle (b ? 11 May 1833 Saugor, d 17 Dec 1906 Bombay)

  5. Isabella Frizzle (b 25 Aug 1835 Saugor)

  6. Esther Mary Frizzle (b 26 Mar 1837)

  7. Ann Frizzle (b 20 Nov 1838 Jubulpore)

Next Generation

Charlotte FRIZZLE, (b 1830, d 18 Jan 1899 Calcutta, 69yrs) at 14yrs on 22 May 1843 in Allahabad married 28yr John Charles BENSLEY (b1815) children:

  1. Edmund Alphrey Augustus Bensley (b 1845, d Aug 1845 Allahabad)

  2. Amelia Clarissa Bensley (b 27 Mar 1846)

  3. Lavinia Elevina Bensley (b 10 May 1847 Barrackpore)

  4. William Eldred Ewen Bensley (b 1849, d 13 Sep 1849 Cawnpore)

  5. Rose Bensley (b 1851)

  6. Henry Walter Bensley (b 18 Jan 1852 Cawnpore, d 4 Mar 1895 Calcutta)

  7. Evelyn Olivia Bensley (b 1 Feb 1854 Fort William)

  8. Arthur Cecil Bensley (b 1856)

  9. Edward Adolphus Bensley (b 27 Nov 1858 Calcutta)

  10. Edward Sydney Bensley (b 19 Dec 1860 Fort William)

  11. Matilda Augusta Bensley (b 9 Aug 1862 Fort William)

  12. Alice Mabel Bensley (b 22 Nov 1867 Calcutta)

Robert William Frizzle (b 12 Jan 1832 Saugor) at 38yrs on 27 Sep 1870 in Calcutta married 17yr Jane Walker (b1853 daughter of James Walker)


David Frizzle (b ? 11 May 1833 Saugor, d 17 Dec 1906 Bombay) married Christiana ?, (b 1849, d 30 Dec 1894 Mean Mir, 45yrs) children:

  1. James Frizzle (b 28 Aug 1890 Ferozepore, d 18 Mar 1894 Ferozepore)

  2. Charles Alfred Frizzle (b 10 Jan 1893 Ferozepore)

Ann FRIZZLE (b 20 Nov 1838 Jubulpore) at 15yrs on 5 Oct 1854 in Ferozepore married 26yr Robert WALSH (b 1828 son of Robert Walsh)


Ann WALSH nee FRIZZLE (b 20 Nov 1838 Jubulpore) widow, at 18yrs on 9 Feb 1857 in Ferozepore married 30yr John TOOHEY (b 1827 son of Timothy Toohey)


Next Generation



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