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?? FOULSTONE married  ?, children:

  1. Thomas Foulstone

Next Generation

Thomas FOULSTONE (Private Thomas Foulstone of HM 55th Regiment of Foot) in 1827 married Hannah ?, children:

  1. Rhoda Ann FOULSTONE (b 1835)

  2. Hannah Foulstone (b 1846)

Next Generation

Rhoda Ann FOULSTONE (b 1835, baptised RHODIANA FOULSTONE at Ponnamallee in 1835) in 1849 in Madras married Nicholas FREEMANTLE of Winchester (born 1821, was a shoemaker of St John’s Parish in Hampshire and who enlisted to the Honourable East India Company’s 2nd (Madras) European Light Infantry in London in 1840 as a private, embarked ‘Essex’ on 11 May 1840 at Gravesend and arrived at Fort St George, Madras on 19 August 1840. He transferred to HM 105th Regiment of Foot in 1861 as a sergeant. Died 1879. Nicholas disembarked in 1840 from the ‘Essex’ making him our patrilinear ancestor from England to go to India). Children:

  1. James Swan FREEMANTLE, Conductor [b.Trichinopoly,1859-d.Lucknow,1934] of a Hampshire family in descent.

Hannah FOULSTONE (b 1846) at 19yrs on 3 May 1865 in Newton Madras, married 24yr Charles Edward McCANN (b 1841 son of Henry McCann, d 16 Apr 1920 Bangalore), children:

  1. Charles Henry McCann (b 1866) at 28yrs on 20 Dec 1894 in Shwebo, Bengal, married 20yr Anna Ma Tin (b 1874 daughter of Maung Kha)

  2. Grace Edith McCann (b 1875) at 19yrs on 3 May 1894 in Lucknow married 23yr Cecil Banmann Rae (b 1871 son of William Rae)

  3. Alfred McCann (b 1878, d 7 Jul 1878 St Andrews Madras)


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