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Mark D'VAZ married ??, children:

  1. Mark Florence D'Vaz (born on a plantation near Ooty, India 18 April 1867, died Kotagiri, India 1 May 1936, buried in the cemetery of St Mary's RC Church at Kotagiri)

Next Generation


Mark Florence D'VAZ (born on a plantation near Ooty, India 18 April 1867, died Kotagiri, India 1 May 1936, buried in the cemetery of St Mary's RC Church at Kotagiri) and Clementina Ray ("Clarence") ARBUTHNOTT (Born Madras 7 April 1871 (N/2/52, f. 71, Eurasian),Died Kotagiri 15 March 1941).- the joint headstone (which survives intact), for "Clarence" and Mark, 'Errected (sic) by their sorrowing children', describes them as:

  1. Mark Flo (stonemason's error for Fk.?) and

  2. Clementina Elizabeth Arbuthnott

(Denise advises that she (Clarence) was a staunch protestant all her life and that there was no headstone in 1944. She had children by (marriage cert not found) Mark Frank d'Vaz . Dennis and Denise both think he was born Mark Florence D'VAZ), a Eurasian who changed his name to Mark Frank Arbuthnott between 1911 & 1923; RMA's marriage certificate shows his father as "Mark Arbuthnott". Mark was a clerk in Ootacamund at least until the birth of Bernie in 1911, when the family was still using the name d'Vaz and appears to have had no coffee plantation - or at least not one providing a steady income and a place of abode. This encourages us to think that it was not Robert Brotherton Arbuthnott who left property to Clementina and her sisters, but his brother James. The estates do not appear in the planting directories until the early 1930s. The family name change may have been tied to the inheritance but is more likely to have been done simply to try to escape the stigma of being Eurasian; with D'Vaz for a surname there would have been no doubt that one was Eurasian but such an assumption could not be made with Arbuthnott. He was running a small coffee estate, Kambatti, next to Araingay in 1937 (per Planting Directory, S India 1937).



?? D'VAZ married ??, children:

  1. Helen Veronica D'Vaz

Next Generation

Helen Veronica D'VAZ married FELIX FRANZ LE MERLE (son of Jules Augustus Pierre LE MERLE) Born 1851 in Mahe. Registrar, Hyderabad State:  Children:

  1. John Dominic Franz Le Merle,

  2. Richard Augustine Le Merle b.1876,

  3. James Alfred Le Merle b.1877,

  4. Frank Stanislaus Le Merle   b.1881,

  5. Hilda Le Merle..,

  6. Mary Clarissa Le Merle b.1889,

  7. Josephine Beatrix Le Merle b.1890,

  8. Albert Robert Le Merle b.1891,

  9. Katherine Dieudonne Le Merle b.1892,

  10. Elizabeth Le Merle b. ?


info from denise hookens  dannechat@hotmail.com

?? D'VAZ married ??, children:

  1. Richard D'Vaz

Next Generation

Richard D'VAZ married Melanie Anne HOOKENS, children:

  1. ANDREW JOSEPH D'VAZ (born 1998, Melbourne, Australia)

  2. CHANTELLE MARIE HELENE D'VAZ (born 2000, Melbourne, Australia)

  3. NICHOLAS D'VAZ born on  2005 in Melbourne, Australia


?? D'VAZ married ??, children:

  1. Dyllis D'Vaz (Trichy)

Next Generation

Dyllis D'VAZ (Trichy) married Ivan D'GAMA (brother of Christopher), Children

  1. Karl D'gama

  2. Carmine D'gama


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