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The hill stations in India were established by the British for the benefit of families of soldiers doing service in India. They served as a retreat during the hot summer months.

Today, many of these stations are visited frequently by tourists who stay in former British Bungalows that now serve as guest houses or home stays.

The hill stations in the north of India include some excellent boarding schools that were established for the children of soldiers.

The buildings that were formerly occupied by the British, and indeed the cemeteries that are filled with graves of men, women and children, give an account of what life was in those days of British occupation.

There are many hill stations that may interest you, including: Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Nainital, Mussoorie, Simla, Dalhousie, Dharamsala. We shall focus on the East of India for the initial tour.

An itinerary will be put together to include the following:

  • Visit the museum at Victoria Memorial in Calcutta that has a large collection of paintings and artefacts depicting life in British India.

  • Visit some Tea Estates in Darjeeling established by British Planters

  • Visit the Planters Club where the early planters met and dined.

  • Visit Dr Graham's Home in Kalimpong established by a Scottish missionary for orphans.

  • Visit places where soldiers from various regiments served time in India away from their family in England.

If you are interested in travelling to some of these hill stations in the North of India to visit and see these sites, please contact Russel Fonceca by email: 


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