WOODS Family Tree

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info from woods31@live.com

?? WOODS married ??, children:

  1. Matthew Woods

Next Generation

Matthew WOODS married June D'CRUZ  Children:

  1. James Woods

  2. Jacob Woods

  3. Jackson Woods

Next Generation
James WOODS married Victoria STAR, children (Moved from India, To Ipswich Massachusetts), House was burnt down in 19-- Whole family Passed away. R.I.P

  1. Peter Woods

  2. Moses Woods

  3. Laura Woods

  4. Ashley Woods

Jacob WOODS married Ada MIERS, children

  1. Alfred Woods

  2. Alex Woods

Jackson WOODS married Marilyn WALKER, children

  1. Felix Woods


Barry WOODS married Philippa JAMES, Children

  1. Charles Woods

  2. Colin Woods

  3. Gavin woods

Next Generation

Charles Woods married Juliet SIMMS, Children

  1. Camryn Woods

  2. Taylor Woods

  3. Isabella Woods

  4. Kimberley Woods

  5. Jordiin Woods (brought up by the kleins and C)

Colin Woods married Judith COLTON, Children

  1. David Woods

  2. Riley woods

Gavin woods married Hilary DAVIS, Children

  1. Cedric Woods

  2. Karen Woods

  3. Hannah Woods


info from Jennifer Joy Joseph jennifernayar@yahoo.com

?? WOODS married ??, children:

  1. Patricia WOODS

Next Generation

Patricia WOODS of Nagpur, married Eugene Alexander JOSEPH , Children:

  1. Nathan Joseph

  2. Nichole Joseph


info supplied by Lester Jacob lesterjacob@bigpond.com

?? WOODS married ??, children:

  1. Llewellyn WOODS (Bunny)

Next Generation

Llewellyn  WOODS (Bunny) married Yolanda  ARUNDALE (Yoli) ,  children:

  1. Aldrin WOODS 

  2. Sue-Ann WOODS

  3. Shane WOODS

Next Generation

Aldrin WOODS married Grace GRIBBIN. Children 

  1. Paris Woods 

  2. Chanel Woods



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