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? WIGGINS married ?, children:

  1. Samuel Henry Wiggins

Next Generation

Samuel Henry WIGGINS married ?, children:

  1. Eileen Margaret Mary Wiggins (b 1907)

Next Generation

Eileen Margaret Mary WIGGINS (b 1907 ) married ?


Eileen Margaret Mary WIGGINS (b 1907) widow, at 37yrs on 21 Nov 1944 in Bombay married 40yr widowed Dennis Sinclair DAY (b 30 May 1904 Fort William, Calcutta) , children:



info from Tina Shipley  

?? WIGGINS married ??, children:

  1. Neville Victor WIGGINS (b1947)

Next Generation

Neville Victor WIGGINS (b1947) on 16th August 1968 married Lynette Margaret MacDONALD (b1951) :Children:

  1. Amanda Elizabeth Wiggins (b 1971)

  2. Tina Lee Wiggins (b 1974)

  3. Nicole Tracey Wiggins (b 1978)

Next Generation

Amanda Elizabeth WIGGINS (b1971) married ?? GALVINS


Tina Lee WIGGINS (b1974) married ?? SHIPLEY


Nicole Tracey WIGGINS (b1978) married TELLEY



info submitted by Bob Wiggins bwiggins@ntlworld.com

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?? WIGGINS married ??, children :

  1. Christian Wiggins (b1850, Cannanore)

  2. Elizabeth Wiggins (b 1857, Samalcotta)

  3. Louisa May Wiggins (b1875, Coimbatore)

  4. Winifred Mary Wiggins (b 1876, Coimbatore)

  5. Annie Eliza Wiggins (b 1878, Coimbatore)

  6. Henry Christian WIGGINS (b1880,Coimbatore)

Next Generation

Christian WIGGINS (1850-26/3/1926), Engine Driver, married Elizabeth WELLS on 29/6/1874 in Coimbatore, children:

  1. Elizabeth WIGGINS (died 29/12/1881 in Coimbatore)

  2. Winnifred WIGGINS

  3. Vera WIGGINS

  4. Eunice WIGGINS

  5. Henry WIGGINS (1880-1961) from  Lotus Mill , Podanur, Coimbatore

Next Generation

Eliza Ann WIGGINS married Rev Vethecan on 27/4/1897 in Coimbatore

(I would be most grateful if you could forward the message below to the person (Tina Shipley) responsible for the Wiggins family tree on your website ---
"Dear Tina [Wiggins], I've just found your family history website.I've got an interest in a
Rev Cecil Vethecan, who was educated at SPG College, Madras, and ordained in 1914. He served mainly in Howrah, Calcutta, where his daughter Evelyn married my distant cousin Lindsay Urmston Foster in 1932. Rev Cecil was apparently Headmaster of the Welland School in Calcutta at the time of his ordination.It seems possible that there is a connexion to the Rev Vethecan who married Eliza Ann Wiggins in 1897. Do you have any more information about this couple? I have seen references to a Rev A. Vethecan before 1900... From the dates, however, it seems unlikely that your Vethecan-Wiggins couple could have been the parents of the Rev. Cecil V. Any clues you may have will be useful! Robin Kinloch, Roxbury NY (roblock@msn.com)"


Winnifred WIGGINS married R VANDERPUTT on 3/8/1999 in Coimbatore


Henry Christian WIGGINS (b 1881, d 8 Dec 1961) from  Lotus Mill , Podanur, Coimbatore, on 27 Apr 1910 married  20yr Mildred Agnes ATZENWILER (1889-11/11/1941), daughter of Louis Atzenwiler from Bangalore. Their children:

  1. Eunice WIGGINS (b1914)

  2. Cyril Henry WIGGINS (known as Sam, b1918) manager Lotus Mill Podanur, Coimbatore. (passed away in Manchester 1968)

  3. Vera Helen WIGGINS (b1920)

Next Generation

Cyril WIGGINS (Sam) (b1918, passed away in Manchester 1968) married Roberta Jean LISTER from Manchester on 16/12/1950 in Manchester, Sons

  1. Charles Henry WIGGINS (b1951)

  2. Robert Christian WIGGINS (b1953 in Coimbatore, India)

  3. Peter WIGGINS (born ?)

Vera Helen WIGGINS (b1920) married James HAYES, children:

  1. Pamela Hayes

  2. Henry Hayes

Eunice WIGGINS married ??MOLAHALLI


Next Generation

Robert Christian WIGGINS and Eileen ?, children:

  1. Stephanie


In Australia

?? WIGGINS married ??, children:

  1. Earnest William WIGGINS (b1904, Bindei, Horton River, NSW.)

Next Generation

Earnest William WIGGINS (b1904, Bindei, Horton River, NSW.) married Madaline Mercy CARTER (b1917, Collarenebri East, NSW.), children:

  1. Arthur Henry WIGGINS (b1951,Hughenden,QLD)

Next Generation

Arthur Henry WIGGINS married Betty Lynnore DOHERTY (b1954, Hughenden, QLD) Children:

  1. Tony Andrew WIGGINS (b1973,Townsville,QLD),

  2. Raymond John WIGGINS (b1974,Townsville)

  3. Shane William WIGGINS (b1989)

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