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 I am seeking help and information on the search for my G G Grandmother. Her name was Georgina Early Blackwell. She was born Dec.31,1843 in India and died here in 1929 in Massachusetts. I do not have her parents name, but I was told her fathers name may have been Bill or Thomas. I was also told that her father was English.  She married a Thomas Whatmore/Henry Gamble born between 1800-1843, died between 1900-1930 in Oldham England. He was told to be born in Bombay? Supposedly he had changed his name from T.Whatmore to H.Gamble because of changing regiments in the service. Any help will do. Jean

?? WHATMORE married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Whatmore  (changed name to Henry GAMBLE) (born 1800 - 1843 Bombay ?, died 1900 -1930 Oldham, England)

Next Generation

Thomas Whatmore  (changed name to Henry Gamble) (born 1800 - 1843 Bombay ?, died 1900 -1930 Oldham, England) married Georgina Early Blackwell (born 31/12/1843 in India, died 1929 in Massachusetts), children:

  1.  ?


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