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info from jeanette walker jrreklaw1@primusonline.com.au


?? WALKER married ??, children:

  1. Edward Bower Walker (b 8 Nov 1895 For William)

Next Generation

Edward Bower WALKER married Annie Catherine ??, children:

  1. Clarence James Walker (b 1895)

Next Generation

Clarence James WALKER (b 1895) at 23yrs on 15 Oct 1918 in Calcutta married 25yr Maud Gladys Cargin MOSS (b 1893. daughter of George Prince Moss)



?? WALKER married ??, children:

  1. Ron  Walker

Next Generation

Ron WALKER married Jeanette WOOTTON   in 1953, both studied at St. Thomasí School, Kidderpore, Calcutta. Married in St. Jamesí Church, Calcutta. 3 children Ė Immigrated to Australia in 1966. Eight grand children and 10 great grand children.

  1. Sharon,

  2. Peggy

  3. Bobby.


info from CLINTON WALKER  zipzapclint@yahoo.com

?? WALKER married ??, children:

  1. Clinton  Walker

Next Generation

Clinton WALKER married ??, children:

  1. Joshua Walker married  Babsy NYSS (STUDIED IN LORETO CONVENT ENTALLY.)


(info from Robert Ridge-Cooke robster@rediffmail.com )

?? WALKER married ??, children:

  1. Jenny  Walker

Next Generation

Jenny WALKER,  married Robert Ridge-Cooke, children....

  1. Leslie Ridge-Cooke (Schooling at Julian Days School)

  2. Robert Ridge-Cooke (b Calcutta, Schooling at St. James School))

  3. Gavin Ridge-Cooke (Schooling at St. James School)


info from Carianne WYLIE  cariannewylie@hotmail.co.uk and Roxanna Marazzi: My fathers name is Edward Marazzi / born 9th Jan 1949 My mothers maiden name is Sheila Lindau born 10th August 1952 Maternal grandparents Lily Mary Wylie born 22nd June 1930 maiden name was Walker however my great grandfather Joseph walker was actually Joseph Woodbridge but changed his name when he came to Calcutta. I donít know why and donít know his birth date. My maternal great grandmother was Doris Walker her maiden name was Rice.

Joseph WALKER (aka Joseph Woodbridge) married Doris RICE, children:

  1. Lilian Mary Walker (b 22 Jun 1930)

Next Generation

Lilian Mary WALKER (b 22 Jun 1930) married John WYLIE , children:

  1. Jonathan Wylie (born 1963 Calcutta) married Helena ALDERMAN, Children: Carianne Wylie, Christopher Wylie

Another entry:


Lilian WALKER married ? WYLIE

  1. Linda Wylie

  2. Sheila Wylie

  3. Carlos Wylie

  4. Phillip Wylie




info from Melanie Tucker <mtucker.genealogy@gmail.com>

?? WALKER married ??, children:

  1. Elizabeth Walker b ??, died on 29 Jul 1810.)

Next Generation

Elizabeth WALKER (b ??, died on 29 Jul 1810.) married William ROBINSON  (born on 18 Jan 1784 in Olney, Buckinghamshire, England, died on 2 Sep 1853 in Dacca, Bengal, India, buried in Dacca, Bengal, India.) on 15 Mar 1806 in Luton, Bedford, England , They had the following children:

  1. Samuel ROBINSON  (born on 5 Apr 1809 in Serampore, Bengal, India, died on 1 Dec 1809, Bengal, India.)

  2. Elizabeth ROBINSON married Mr. FARQUHAR

  3. Miss ROBINSON  


?? WALKER married ??, children:

  1. Rosemarie Walker (studied at Loreto, Entally, Calcutta (-1959)

Next Generation

Rosemarie WALKER married ?? SILVERS


info from deryck1@iinet.net.au & sharon.payne@westone.wa.gov.au

?? WALKER married ??, children:

  1. Sharon Walker(studied at St. Thomas's Kiddapore & Bolton Days School 1966, left India in 1966 age 12.)

  2. Peggy Walker

  3. Bobby Walker

Next Generation

Sharon WALKER married Deryck Ivan PAYNE (studied at St. Xaviers, Calcutta - 1957-66, Lived at Nandalal Court, Ripon Street, then at 44 Elliot Road. Parents migrated to Australia in August '66. Attended Mt. Lawley SHS until '68 ), children:

  1. Brandon Payne

  2. Suzy Payne


My grandfather is Trevor Walker (born in 1940 in Calcutta) to James Joseph Walker and Lynette Virginia D'Santos. Unfortunately James Joseph Walker died when my grandfather was only 11 years old and as he was at boarding school at the time he has very few memories of him or knows much about his family. I am currently looking into both sides of my grandfather's blood line to find out more. When his father died, a few years afterwards Trevor moved to London with his mother Lynette so lost contact with the Walker side of the family. So when I came across your website I was thrilled!! there are so many Walkers on that page and so I thought I may finally be able to unite him with that side of his family. The way the page is laid out is quite confusing... Are all the walkers on that page related or would many walker families that happen to all live in India and be anglo-indian be featured on the page? I have started making a tree on ancestry and know that James' parents were called Dennis and Mary (unsure of maiden name) from Lancashire but that's as far as I got and I have no idea how any of the people on the page may relate to James Joseph Walker. Hope Abbott  hopeabbott@icloud.com

 info from D.Parkinson@roehampton.ac.uk

Dennis WALKER married Mary ??, from Lancashire, children:

  1. James Joseph Walker

Next Generation

James Joseph WALKER married Lynette Virginia D'Santos, children

  1. Trevor A Walker (born 1940 Calcutta, studied at St Patricks Asansol & Don Bosco Luluah 1950-55)

Next Generation

Trevor A WALKER (studied at St Patricks Asansol & Don Bosco Luluah 1950-55) married Yvonne V WOOD (b 1946, Father Charles E Wood, Mothers maiden name Violet Coulthard ?) in 1962 in Paddington, UK. 4 daughters and 4 grandchildren.

  1. ? Walker

  2. ? Walker

  3. ? Walker

  4. ? Walker

Next Generation

? WALKER married Mr ? Abbott, children:

  1. Hope I Abbott (b June 1992, Westminster, London)




info from  cjkmwalker@ipimus.com.au

?? WALKER married Karen Mary D'BRASS (studied at Carmel Convent Dhanbad )



info from errol.walker@btinternet.com & Ian.J.E.Walker@btinternet.com

?? WALKER married ??, children:

  1. Cyril Walker

Next Generation

Cyril WALKER (stationmaster at Bareily, d 1970) married Juliet ?, children:

  1. Lynnette Walker

  2. Sandra Walker

  3. Ian Joseph Ernest Walker(studied at St. Michael's School Kurji Patna Bihar India )

  4. Errol Walker (studied at St. Francis School 1063-69. St. Xaviers School 1970-71 )


?? WALKER married ??, children:

  1. Ted Walker

Next Generation

Ted WALKER married Eileen ANDERSON b.1909


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