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info from Rev. Desmond Tully desmond1949@sify.com

Rev.Desmond Tully, The Gospel Centre, Zone-4 Birsanagar, P.O.Telco, Jamshedpur-831004.  Ph 91 657 2285524

James TULLY married Alice ??, children:

  1. Victor Robert TULLY (b 12 Oct 1873 Bellary)

  2. Agnes Hannah Victoria Tully (b 12 Feb 1884 Vepery)

  3. Lionel Alexander Obadiah Tully (b 7 Sep 1886 Vepery)

Next Generation

Victor Robert TULLY (b 12 Oct 1873 Bellary) at 28yrs on 22 Jan 1902 in Madras married 19yr Leila Constance KELLY, (b 1883 daughter of William Kelly) children:

  1. Olive Tully

  2. Cyril Reginald Victor Tully (b 8 Oct 1902 Bangalore, d 22 May 1903 Chittagong)

  3. Doris Adelaide Tully (b 18 Jan 1904 Chittagong)

  4. Victor Osmond Goddard Tully (b 10 Feb 1906 Chittagong)

  5. Gladys Iris Tully (b 1914)

  6. Harold Edmund Robert Tully (b 1914 Adra)

Lionel Alexander Obadiah TULLY (b 7 Sep 1886 Vepery) at 32yrs married 18yr Dorothy Beatrice LEAKE (b 1902 daughter of Arthur Charles Leake), children:

  1. Mary Philomena Alice Tully (b 25 Aug 1930 Secunderabad)

Next Generation

Osmond Victor TULLY (born 1912, d 1970) Foreman at Adra, at 28yrs on 27 Mart 1940 in Kharagpur married 24yr Beryl Merlin MICHAEL of Kharagpur (b 1916 daughter of Charles Herbert Michael) Still trying to trace brothers. One sister-Eddie married Ernie Bartell of Khargpur- all his children are in the UK. Longing to contact relatives and friends..)  Children:

  1. Charles Osmond Victor Tully (b 3 Jan 1941 Kharagpur)

  2. Bryan Edmund Robert Tully (b 24 Dec 1941 Adra)

  3. Maxwell Errol Tully (b 6 Nov 1943 Adra)

  4. Desmond

  5. Richard.

  6. Iris,

  7. Jennifer,

  8. June,Coleen,

  9. Theadore.

Olive TULLY married  ? SIMPSON- daughters are in England.

Gladys Iris TULLY (b 1914) at 29yrs on 1 Mar 1943 in Adra married 32yr Mervyn Arthur PHILLIPE (b 1911 son of John Phillipe)


Harold Edmund Robert TULLY (b 1914 Adra) at 25yrs on 24 Jul 1939 in Adra married 24yr Gladys Yvonne Winifred LOADER (b 1915 daughter of George Henry Loader)



info from Christine ROCQUE  bazil@emirates.net.ae

?? TULLY married ??, children:

  1. Clifton Tully

Next Generation

Clifton TULLY married Marjorie LEGAY. children:

  1. Christine Tully (born 28/1/1960, Jabalpur)

  2. Diana Tully  (22.3.1963)

  3. Malcolm Tully    (10.7.1965)

  4. Charmaine Tully  (3.3.1967)

Next Generation

Christine TULLY (born 28.1.1960, Ss. Peter & Paul Cathedral, Jabalpur) married Bazil ROCQUE (born 22.12.1953, Jabalpur) on 28.12.1985 at Ss. Peter & Paul Cathedral, Jabalpur, MP. India. Children:  

  1. Ryan Rocque (born 5.2.87, Jabalpur, MP)

  2. Wayne Rocque (born 28.6.93, Jabalpur, MP)

Diana TULLY  (22.3.1963) married Carlyle REBELLO, children:

  1. Rhea Faith Rebello (27.4.1997)

  2. Joshua Aaron Rebello (8.7.1999)

Malcolm TULLY (DOB 10.7.65) married Maureen nee D'LIMA, at Saints Peter & Paul Cathedral, Jabalpur, 1994, have 2 children:

  1. Dean Tully 16.10.1995

  2. Kyle Tully 28.6.2000

Charmaine TULLY (DOB 3.3.1967) married Pankaj JOSEPH, at Saints Peter & Paul Cathedral, Jabalpur, 1987, have 2 children :

  1. Nicholai Joseph 23.10.1994

  2. Neil Joseph     12.5.2000

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