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info from Christine Stanton

?? TRANSFIELD married ??, children:

  1. Samuel Transfield (b 1808)

Next Generation

Samuel TRANSFIELD b1808 Royal Artillary EIC married Ellen PICKNETT in Calcutta 1844, children:

  1. Rebecca Transfield (b 25/7/1845)

Next Generation

Rebecca TRANSFIELD (b 25/7/1845) married Henry Carson HANCOCK, school master in Mussoorie (b abt 1823, d 27/9/1872), children:

  1. Helen Alice Hancock (born 4/10/1863)

  2. Rose Flora Hancock (born 1/1/1865)

  3. Martha Agnes Hancock (b 11/04/1868 in Mussoorie)

  4. Lucy Harriet Hancock (b 20/11/1867 in Mussoorie)

  5. Maud Rebecca Hancock (b 13/10/1870 in Mussoorie)


Thomas TRANSFIELD married ??, children:

  1. Samuel Transfield

Next Generation

Samuel TRANSFIELD on 24 Jun 1844 in Calcutta married Ellen PICKNETT(b ?, daughter of Isaac Picknett), children:

  1. Thomas Transfield (b 1849, d23 Jan 1920 St Thomas Mount)

Next Generation

Thomas TRANSFIELD (b 1849, d23 Jan 1920 St Thomas Mount) at 29yrs on 22 May 1878 in Black Town married 25yr widow  Emily McCOY (b 1853, daughter of Hamilton Wood),  children:

  1. Estella Grace Tranfield (b 1881)

  2. Alice Emily Tranfield (b 27 Nov 1882 Poonamallee)

  3. Albert Ernest Tranfield (b 7 Jul 1884 Allahabad)

  4. May Ethel Tranfield (b 3 Oct 1886 Dum Dum)

  5. Frederick Hamilton Tranfield (b 1888, d 15 Mar 1944 Pallavaram)

  6. Pearl Edna Tranfield (b 1892 Pallavaram)

  7. Arthur Clarence Tranfield (b 12 Oct 1895 Pallavaram)

Next Generation

Estella Grace TRANSFIELD (b 1881) at 32yrs on 26 Mar 1913 in Pallavaram married 47yr William HEAP (b 1866, son of John Heap)


Alice Emily TRANSFIELD (b 27 Nov 1882 Poonamallee) at 28yrs on 14 Dec 1910 in Pallavaram married 24yr Joseph Edward MURPHY (b 1886, son of Frank Murphy)


Frederick Hamilton TRANSFIELD (b 1888, d 15 Mar 1944 Pallavaram) at 33yrs on 24 Aug 1921 in Pallavaram married 25yr Hope Gertrude MIDDLETON (b 1896, daughter of George Reginald Middleton)


Pearl Edna TRANSFIELD (b 1892 Pallavaram) at 19yrs on 10 Apr 1912 in Pallavaram married 29yr James Edwin GRAY (b 1883, son of George Walter Gray), children:

  1. Mona Myrtle Gray

( The other side I am looking for is the Gray family in India. My grandmother was Mona Myrtle Gray. Her father (James Edwin) a British officer died and my grandmother and her siblings were taken away from their Mother (Pearl Edna who was anglo-Indian) and put into the Taylor school. Pearl Edna seems to have disappeared. She desperately tried to contact her children but by the time they had grown up, she had died. I cant find any record of her after her marriage certificate. I would be very grateful if you can shed light on any of this. Best regards Shay )



?? TRANSFIELD married ??, children:

  1. Wilfred Clarence Tranfield (b 1930, d 2 Nov 1931 Rajahmundry)


info from Sydney Nigli

?? TRANSFIELD married ??, children:

  1. Arline Transfield

Next Generation

Arline TRANSFIELD married Leslie NIGLI (b ?, died 1962  Nellore India). They had 7 children:

  1. Trevor Nigli

  2. Sydney Nigli - b 1951 - Belgaum - India

  3. Marcel Nigli

  4. Louise Nigli

  5. Sharon Nigli

  6. Mark Nigli

  7. Carrie Ann Nigli


info from 

?? TRANSFIELD married ??, children:

  1. Frank Transfield (b Rajamundary)

Next Generation

Frank TRANSFIELD (Born Rajamundary) married May D'SOUSA (born in Agra) Children: 

  1. Paul Transfield (born 12/2/67) 

Next Generation

Paul TRANSFIELD (born 12/2/67) married Jacqueline HELDT (06/03/68) daughter of Alan Heldt (Madras) and Prudence Manuel (Madras)


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