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? THOY married ?, children:

  1. John Thoy

Next Generation

John THOYon 17 Jan 1826 in Secunderabad married Louisa SASQUINAT, children:

  1. Robert John Thoy (b 2 Dec 1826 Secunderabad)

  2. Mary Ann Thoy (b 22 Jan 1832 Secunderabad)

  3. Henry Robinson Thoy (b 24 Jan 1834 Secunderabad)

  4. William Joseph Thoy (b 27 Apr 1838 Secunderabad)

  5. Elizabeth Charlotte Thoy (b 8 Mar 1840 Secunderabad)

  6. James Peter Robinson Thoy (b 20 Aug 1841 Secunderabad)

  7. John Alexander Robinson Thoy (b 9 Mar 1843 Bolarum)

  8. Thomas William Robertson Thoy (b 1845)

  9. Charles Alfred Thoy (b 1849)

Next Generation

Robert John Thoy (b 2 Dec 1826 Secunderabad) married ?, children:

  1. Marian Dora Thoy (b 1858)

  2. Robert Hugh Thoy (b 1859)

  3. Theresa Rosamond Thoy (b 1860)

  4. Albert Edward Thoy (b 1865)

  5. Elizabeth Louisa Anne Thoy

Mary Ann THOY (b 22 Jan 1832 Secunderabad) on 3 May 1852 in Bolarum married George OWERS (son of William Owers)


Henry Robinson THOY (b 24 Jan 1834 Secunderabad) on 27 May 1863 in Bolarum married Caroline JOHNSON (daughter of Thomas Johnson)


Thomas William Robertson THOY (b 1845) at 25yrs on 15 Feb 1870 in Bolarum married 16yr Adelaide Josephina Rosanna DePRAZER (b 1854 daughter of Make DePrazer)


Charles Alfred THOY (b 1849) at 29yrs on 22 Jan 1878 in Bolarum married 17yr Mary Ann Elizabeth MERCHANT,(b 1861 daughter of Samuel Merchant) children:

  1. Sidney Norman Thoy (b 3 Feb 1884 Ellichpure, Madras, d 28 Oct 1919)

Next Generation

Marian Dora THOY (b 1858) at 18yrs on 5 Oct 1876 in Chudderghaut married 23yr Albert Walter Henry GREEN (b 1853 son of John Green)


Robert Hugh THOY (b 1859) at 43yrs on 21 Jul 1902 in Vepery married 30yr Edith Adelaide DeROZARIO (b 1872 daughter of Daniel DeRozario)


Theresa Rosamond THOY (b 1860) at 15yrs on 2 Jun 1875 in Chudderghaut married 25yr Ebeneazer MAHONEY (b 1850 son of Florence Mahoney)


Albert Edward THOY (b 1865) at 24yrs on 16 May 1889 in Lonauli married 15yr Sarah John PHIPPS (b 1874 daughter of Jame Phipps)


Elizabeth Louisa Anne THOY on 5 Oct 1876 in Chudderghaut married William TONICKE (son of Michael Tonicke)


Sidney Norman THOY (b 3 Feb 1884 Ellichpure, Madras, c 15 Feb 1910 Bhusaval, d 28 Oct 1919) married ?, children:

  1. Vivian Collin Thoy

Next Generation

Vivian Collin THOY  on 18 Jan 1944 in Igatpuri married Daisy May HERFT (b 16 Sep 1914, c 19 Oct 1914 Gondia, Nagpur), children:

  1. Vivian Anthony Thoy (b 20 Dec 1944 Igatpuri)



info from STEVEBAKER10@AOL.COM 13/10/2002 & Milton Bird

? THOY married ?, children:

  1. Ethel Lillian Thoy (b 1881 Secunderabad d 2/11/1934, grave B/89)

Next Generation

Ethel Lillian THOY (b 1881 Secunderabad d 2/11/1934, grave B/89) married Benjamin Alfred BAKER children:

  1. Alfred Samuel BAKER (b 1903 Secunderabad)


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? THOY married ?, children:

  1. Lillian Thoy (b Simla 1914, studied at Sacred Heart Convent, Dalhousie)

Next Generation

Lillian THOY (b Simla 1914, studied at Sacred Heart Convent, Dalhousie) left India in August 1946 for the UK to marry ?? PARROTT, children:

  1. Martin Parrott

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