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?? THOMPSON married ??, children:

  1. R O Thompson (b ?)

Next Generation

Lt Col R O (Rolly) THOMPSON married ??, children:

  1. Shirley Jean Thompson (b ?)

Next Generation

Shirley Jean THOMPSON married Victor Clarence BARNES, children:

  1. Raymond Bryan Barnes


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?? THOMPSON married ??, children:

  1. Joseph THOMPSON (1798)

Next Generation

Joseph THOMPSON (1798, Occupation: 2nd Master Sergt. 36 Battn. (?N.S.) married Mary.? Child:  

  1. William D THOMPSON, b 1798, Tanjore, Madras (Garrison or Station).

Next Generation

William D THOMPSON married Elizabeth.? Occupation: Assistant Apothercary.  Children :

  1. Jemima THOMPSON, b. October 15, 1823. Baptised 19 May 1828,   

  2. Elizabeth THOMPSON, b. January 17, 1825, Vizagapatam, India.

Next Generation

Jemima THOMPSON married Robert HOWARD July 10, 1850, (son of Richard HOWARD and Cecelia.?.)



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Edison Bencher THOMPSON married ??, children:

  1. Sarah Louisa Thompson

Next Generation

Sarah Louisa THOMPSON (b 1844, d 1869/1876) on 15 Nov 1864 in Loll Bazar Calcutta married John Gordon ROBINSON  (b 1843 in India, d 16 Oct 1893 Calcutta.  The cause of death was Alcoholic Poisoning, was buried on 17 Oct 1893 in Calcutta), Children:

  1. Annie Eliza ROBINSON  was born on 13 Oct 1869 in Calcutta, Bengal, India.


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?? THOMPSON married ??, children:

  1. Wilfred Thompson

Next Generation




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I am trying to locate and contact the Thompson family that i used to be very close with in Vizag during the 1960s - I left India an lost all contact with them - Llewellyn Thompson - Joyce Thompson - Daphne Thompson - dick Thompson - Leander Thompson - Adrienne Thompson - duncan Thompson - ???where are you??? if anyone knows them - or their whereabouts please email me Foad Fazel


?? THOMPSON married Joyce ??, children:

  1. Daphne Thompson

  2. Llewellyn Thompson (ex-Indian Navy, INS Circars, Vizag)

  3. Daphne Thompson

  4. Dick Thompson

Next Generation

Dick Thompson married ??, children:

  1. Leander Geraldine Agnes Thompson (born December 9...)

  2. Adrienne Bernadette Cyllys Delilah Thompson (Born March...)

  3. Duncan Thompson


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?? THOMPSON married ??, children:

  1. Mary Alice Thompson

Next Generation

Mary Alice THOMPSON in 1872 married John Lane SIMONS, had one son:

  1. Dudley Arthur Fielder Simons. (b 17 Sep 1872 Calcutta)

  2. Beatrice Gertrude Simons (b 27 Oct 1873 Calcutta)

  3. Langford Lane Simons (b 6 Jan 1875 Calcutta)

  4. Mabel Clara Simons (b 26 Oct 1876 Calcutta)



Robert THOMPSON married ??, children:

  1. John Thompson

Next Generation

John THOMPSON (b 1824) at 25yrs on 26 Nov 1849 in Trichinopoly married 17yr Amelia McMOOTRY, (b 1832 daughter of John McMootry) children:

  1. Mary Thompson (b 10 Feb 1851 Madras)

  2. John Thompson (b 31 Jan 1853 Secunderabad)

  3. William Thompson (b 11 May 1855 Fort St George, Madras)

  4. Ellen Thompson (c 4 Sep 1859 Arcot)


Merle Oberon (born Estelle Merle O'Brien THOMPSON; 19 February 1911  23 November 1979) was a British actress who began her film career in British films as Anne Boleyn in The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933). After her success in The Scarlet Pimpernel (1934), she travelled to the United States to make films for Samuel Goldwyn. She was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in The Dark Angel (1935). A traffic collision in 1937 caused facial injuries that could have ended her career, but she recovered and remained active in film and television until 1973.


?? THOMPSON married ??, children:

  1. Arthur Thompson

Next Generation

Arthur THOMPSON married Constance ?, children:

  1. Estelle Merle Thompson (b 19 Feb 1911, c 16 Mar 1911 Girgaum, d 23 Nov 1979)




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?? THOMPSON married ??, children:

  1. George Robert Thompson

Next Generation

George Robert THOMPSON born in WESSEX, England came to India as CHIEF ACCOUNTANT with the EAST INDIA COMPANY, year born & died are available at Madurai, Divine Patience Church. He later moved on to work at the DEWAN OFFICE, Mysore and met his wife Charlotte EVANS who had other sisters ( One married GORMAN at Podnur, one married BROWN at Podnur who worked in South Africa Gold mines, it is presumed there were 5 sisters.)  Anyone has any idea???.  The children of GEORGE ROBERT THOMPSON are:

  1. Christopher Melville Thompson (our Grandfather) married Mildred Wilheimina Winter

  2. Edwin Thompson never married

  3. Norah Thompson married (surname only available) DRUMMOND was in the Police went away to England

  4. Kathleen Thompson married name not known went away to England

  5. John Thompson married name not known and went to AUSTRALIA not sure where.

  6. Rupert Kelly Thompson married Hilda David at Madras and had 5 children.

  7. Leslie Thompson (not sure of name) no idea what happened to him.

Next Generation

Christopher Melville THOMPSON of Madura, married Milred Wilhmina WINTER (born in PENANG, Malaysia) at Madurai., children:

  1. Joy Olive Thompson

  2. Sidney Arthur Thompson

  3. Isabel Regina Thompson

  4. Clarice Esther Thompson

Rupert Kelly THOMPSON (b 1901, Madras) married Hilda Daisy DAVID (b 1911, Madras) Children:

  1. Gertrude Thompson (b 1936)

  2. Muriel Thompson (b 1937)

  3. Leonard Thompson (b 1941)

  4. Jean Thompson (b 1945) living in Australia

  5. Noel Thompson (b 1949)

           info from Muriel Daphne THOMPSON

Next Generation

Joy Olive Thompson married Mervyn TIMMS


Sidney Arthur Thompson (b1920 Madurai, India. Joined the British Army and after the war joined the Vigilance and Anti corruption Branch fo the Tamilnadu State Police.(died 31.1.2001) married Audrey Maud Sophia GRIFFITHS (twin) Housewife and a great hockey player for the State of Tamilnadu, b1922 Villupuram\ S.India (d 2003) at St. Stephens Church, Pallavaram, Madras on 19.12.1951.  Had three children:

  1. Delphine Millicent Thompson b1952

  2. Howard Bruce Thompson  b.1956

  3. Marlene Ann Thompson b 1959 (not married)

Isabel Regina Thompson married Charles D'JORDAN


Clarice Esther Thompson married Llewellen ROYLE


Gertrude Thompson (b1936) married Esmond DAVID (deceased)


Muriel Thompson (b 1937) married Paul Nathan living in Australia


Leonard Thompson (b1941) married Pamela Sabey living in Madras, India


Noel Thompson (b1949) married Ann Manuel living in Australia


Next Generation

Delphine Millicent Thompson (b1952) married Pratap Naidu - Had three children (Australia)

  1. Priyanka Carmelita Naidu b1982

  2. Amritha Isabella Naidu b1985

  3. Ranjitha Leah Naidu b1987


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?? THOMPSON married ??, children:

  1. Freida Francisca THOMPSON (b 1926 Bangalore, India)

Next Generation

Freida Francisca THOMPSON (b 1926 Bangalore, India) married Frederick Clair PEREIRA. Their children are:

  1. Blanche Ann Pereira (b 1956)

  2. David Bruce Pereira (b 1958 Madurai, India)

  3. Lea Rose Pereira (b 1960)

  4. Lynn Carmel Pereira (b 1961)

  5. Rocksten Jude Pereira (b 1963 Madurai, India // d 2018 Melbourne, Australia)


info from Gavin Thompson

There is a Thompson site set up by one Sian Thompson daughter of Edward Thompson who was the youngest son of Frederick Thompson and Constance Vogt. Frederick's mothers name was Scolastica and his father George. I am Mario Thompson son of Victor and Sybil. I am married to Judith (Pitt-Francis) and we do indeed live in Leeds.


?? THOMPSON married ??, children:

  1. Victor Joseph THOMPSON (b 1920 Kolar Gold Fields, Bangalore Karnataka India Died : 16th Nov 1989 Hyderabad AP India)

Next Generation

Victor Joseph THOMPSON (b 1920 Kolar Gold Fields, Bangalore Karnataka India Died : 16th Nov 1989 Hyderabad AP India) married Sybil LAWRANCE (b 24th March 1926).Children :

  1. Pamela Thompson

  2. Fredrick Thompson

  3. Mario Thompson

  4. Fatima Bernadette Thompson

  5. Gavin Thompson

Next Generation

Pamela THOMPSON married Patrick LAMOURY Settled Australia. Children

  1. Gillian Lamoury

  2. Candice Lamoury

Fredrick THOMPSON married Dorothy ?, settled India, children

  1. Neil Thompson

  2. Nigle Thompson

  3. Nicolas Thompson

Mario THOMPSON married Judith PITT-FRANCIS, settled in Leeds England


Fatima Bernadette THOMPSON married Darryl Edmund Frederick HOOKENS, children

1. Denise Anne Hookens (b1981, Hyderabad, A.P., India)
2. Dean Anthony Hookens (b1983, Hyderabad, A.P., India)


Gavin THOMPSON married Matilda ROCHE on 23rd Aug 1992, settled Hyderabad AP India . Children

  1. Jerusha Thompson

  2. Nikita Joanne Thompson


Frank Lawrence THOMPSON (b 1878, d 30 Jul 1939 Calcutta, age 61) married Nora Mary ??, (b 1886, d 3 May 1928 Calcutta) children:

  1. Morris Charles Thompson (b 3 Sep 1908, c 8 Nov 1908 Calcutta)

  2. Frank Algernon Thompson (b 27 Oct 1910, c 27 Nov 1910 Calcutta)

  3. Yvonne Noreen Thompson (b 14 Mar 1917, c 8 Apr 1917)

  4. Horace Adrian Thompson (b 7 Feb 1921, c 13 Mar 1921 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Frank Algernon THOMPSON (b 27 Oct 1910, c 27 Nov 1910 Calcutta) married Beryl Cicely ? (b 1910, d 27 Jan 1935 Calcutta)


Frank Algernon THOMPSON (b 27 Oct 1910, c 27 Nov 1910 Calcutta) at 25yrs on 14 Apr 1936 in Calcutta married 19yr Amelia Kathleen GILMOUR (b 1917, daughter of Andrew Henry Gilmour), children:

  1. Sandra Thompson (b 3 Nov 1938, c 3 Dec 1938 Calcutta)

Frank Algernon THOMPSON (b 27 Oct 1910, c 27 Nov 1910 Calcutta) and Magrie CHAPLIN, children:

  1. Joan Lucy Thomson-Chaplin (b 7 Nov 1930, c 21 Dec 1930 Ranchi, d 2017)

Yvonne Noreen THOMPSON (b 14 Mar 1917, c 8 Apr 1917) at 27yrs on 11 Nov 1944 married 30yr James Henry Baxter HOLLAND (b 1914, son of James McQueen Holland)




info from Allyson Bobb

?? THOMPSON married ??, children:


Next Generation

Leo F THOMPSON married Thelma P Van HAEFTEN, children:

  1. Barbara Thompson

  2. Randolph Thompson

  3. Colleen Thompson

  4. Kevin Thompson

Next Generation

Barbara Iona THOMPSON married David C BOBB, children:

  1. Allyson Bobb (b 1962, Dhanbad, Bihar)

  2. Christopher Bobb


?? THOMPSON married ??, children:

  1. William THOMPSON (Bill)

Next Generation

William (Bill) THOMPSON married Patsy WILLIAMS  CANADA



info from Geraldine Raymond (nee Roberts) 

?? THOMPSON married ??, children:

  1. Rita THOMPSON (b 30/7/1920)

Next Generation

Rita THOMPSON (born 30/7/1920) married Aloysius RAYMOND (born 9/1/1917, died 24/4/2002) , children:

  1. Lorna RAYMOND (born 27/5/1946)

  2. Walter RAYMOND (born 20/6/1948)


info from Frank D. Mayberry

?? THOMPSON married ??, children:

  1. Clare Jane THOMPSON

Next Generation

Clare Jane THOMPSON married George PHILLIPS, a career soldier, children:

  1. Clare Jane Thompson Phillips


info from Jenny RODRIGUES (nee THOMPSON) 

?? THOMPSON married ??, children:

  1. Jennifer THOMPSON

Next Generation

Jennifer THOMPSON of  Calcutta married Gordon Anthony RODRIGUES



info from Beverly Miller (nee Reid)

?? THOMPSON married ??, children:

  1. Randolph Alloysius THOMPSON (b 28/11/1943)

Next Generation

Randolph Alloysius Ignatius THOMPSON (born 28/11/43) married Cheryl Janice Mary REID (born 29/9/1950)on 27/8/1969 - children:

  1. Michelle Anne Thompson (born 28/8/1970)

  2. Randolph Ian Thompson (3/10/1971)

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