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? TATE married ?, children:

  1. John Tate

Next Generation

John TATE married ?, children:

  1. John Cesry Tate (b 1884 Bombay)

Next Generation

John Creery TATE (b 1884 Bombay) at 25yrs on 10 Dec 1909 in Bombay married 25yr Alice Letitia Mary Lucinda STEVENSON (b 1884 daughter of William Cashrane Stevenson, d 19 Sep 1919 Rajkot, age 34), children:

  1. Leslie John Tate (b 1 Nov 1910 Kolhapur)


James TATE married ?, children:

  1. John Tate (b 1821)

Next Generation

John TATE (b 1821) at 22yrs on 25 Oct 1843 in Vellore married 16yr Mary MUTLOW, (b 1827 daughter of Mark Mutlow)children:

  1. Sarah Tate (b 31 Jul 1844 Arcot)

  2. Ann Tate (b 1 Apr 1846 Bangalore)

  3. Lydia Tate (b 24 Oct 1850 Madras)

  4. John James Tate (b 13 Sep 1852 Bellary, d 15 Oct 1853 Madras)


? TATE married ?, children:

  1. Richard Tate

Next Generation

Richard TATE married ?, children:

  1. Percy David Tate (b 1883)

Next Generation

Percy David TATE (b 1883) at 24yrs on 17 Oct 1907 in Poona married 23yr Gladys Annette BROWNE, (b 1884 daughter of George Anthony Browne, d 27 Mar 1917 Poona) children:

  1. Richard Herbert Tate (b 30 Nov 1913 Poona)

Percy David TATE (b 1883) widowed at 35yrs on 18 Jul 1918 in Byculla married 23yr Emily Elizabeth TAIT (b 17 Oct 1894 Ahmednagar, daughter of George Henry and Elizabeth Gertrude Christina Tait), children:

  1. Emily Gertrude Cecilia Tate (b 1920)

Next Generation

Emily Gertrude Cecilia TATE (b 1920) at 22yrs on 29 Apr 1942 in Jubblepore married 23yr Donald Merryn SMYTHE (b 1919 son of Dennis Havelock Smythe)



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