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William SWEENEY married Alice HONEY (date unknown), Children:

  1. SWEENEY Francis

  2. SWEENEY Kevin

  3. SWEENEY Therese

  4. SWEENEY Patrick

  5. SWEENEY Hillary

  6. SWEENEY Monica

  7. SWEENEY Terence

Next Generation

Francis SWEENEY married Charles BARRACLOUGH

Kevin SWEENEY married BURRETT Isobel (1941), Children:

  1. SWEENEY Ann (b. 10.03.1942 d. 18.03.1993)

  2. SWEENEY Marlene (b. 15.03.1944)

  3. ELAINE SWEENEY (b. 15.03.1944)

  4. SWEENEY Ian (b. 24.02.1947 d.14.02. 1960)

  5. SWEENEY Alan (b. 24.02.1947)

Therese SWEENEY married Gerald CLAPP

Patrick SWEENEY married Yvonne NAYLOR and Patsy ???

Hillary SWEENEY married Cyril FOSBERRY

Monica SWEENEY married Jack FOSBERRY

Next Generation

SWEENEY Ann (b. 10.03.1942 d. 18.03.1993) married Geoff CARTER, Children:

  1. Alison

  2. Melanie

ELAINE SWEENEY (b. 15.03.1944) married Shane HARRIS,  Children:

  1. Mark

  2. Sharon

SWEENEY Alan (b. 24.02.1947) married Lorraine ALLEN,  Children:

  1. SWEENEY Lee


info from Anna Samuel anna.samuel@rogers.com

?? SWEENEY married ??, children:

  1. Hazel Sweeney

Next Generation

Hazel SWEENEY married Gilbert BARING, children:

  1. Thelma Baring

  2. James Baring

  3. Yvonne Baring

  4. Allen Baring

  5. Anna Baring

  6. Colleen Baring


info from  florence@ticketweb.co.uk

Both my father's parents were Anglo-Indians. My Grandfathers name is Stewart, and my Grandmothers maiden name is Sweeney. My father was born in Jubbelpore. Anyway, I would be really interested to hear from anyone with any connections...

?? SWEENEY married ?? STEWART, children:

  1. ?? Stewart (born Jubbelpore)


info from bettyandbrendan@home.com

?? SWEENEY married Betty LUMSDEN (studied in Mussoorie 1941-47, University of Toronto School of Nursing 1958)


info from Terence Sweeney tsweeney@iinet.com.au and Beverly Miller (nee Reid) tbmiller@austarnet.com.au
I would like any information at all about my Sweeney Family Tree, from my grandfather back, so if anyone can help me please contact myself at tsweeney@iinet.com.au , it would be greatly appreciated, Terence Sweeney.

Terence SWEENEY married Annie RODRIGUES, children:

  1. Brian Sweeney

  2. Babsy Sweeney

  3. Doreen Sweeney

  4. Moira Sweeney

  5. Maureen Sweeney

  6. Hyacinth Sweeney

  7. Christine Sweeney

  8. Angela Sweeney

  9. Patsy Sweeney

  10. Pamela Sweeney

  11. Belinda Sweeney

Next Generation

Brian SWEENEY married Patricia D'SILVA, children:

  1. Brian Sweeney (Born 4/12/1963, Calcutta, India)

  2. Gary Sweeney (Born 22/4.1965, Calcutta, India)

  3. Terence Peter Sweeney ( born 29/9/1967, Calcutta, India)

  4. Steven Sweeney ( Born 12/2/1970, Perth Australia)


info from mibuckley@cwcom.net

Ann Caroline SWEENEY (b 10/3/1942 Chittagong, d 18/3/1993 UK)) married Geoff CARTER , children:

  1. Alison Carter

  2. Melanie Carter


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