SLANEY Family Tree

with links to British India

info submitted by Jane Beatty  and JENNIFER THOMAS

?? SLANEY married ??, children:

  1. Noel SLANEY

Next Generation

Noel SLANEY (Police Dept, India) married Violet Ruth WILLIAMS, children:

  1. Noeleen Slaney (Cuckoo)
  2. Richard Slaney
  3. Mary Slaney (Molly)
  4. Roland Slaney (Ronnie)
  5. Kenneth Slaney (Kenny)
  6. David Slaney
  7. Vernon Slaney (Vernie)
  8. Hugo Slaney (Boxer)

Next Generation

Noeleen SLANEY (Cuckoo) married Roy FUNG, Children -

  1. Carmen FUNG

  2. Clive FUNG,

  3. Claude FUNG

  4. Clifford FUNG

Richard SLANEY married Gloria PASCALL, children:

  1. Stephen Slaney

  2. Noel Slaney

  3. Bridget Slaney

  4. Marie Slaney

  5. Jacqueline Slaney

Mary SLANEY (Molly) married John SHARDLOW - No children

Roland SLANEY (Ronnie)
married Lynda JAMES, Children:

  1. Nigel Slaney

  2. Melanie Slaney

Kenneth SLANEY (Kenny) married Margaret MULLER, children

  1. Loretta Slaney

  2. Gary Slaney (born 2/9/1957 Jabulpur, India)

  3. Minnie Slaney

David SLANEY married Mavis PEPPER, children:

  1. Allan Slaney

  2. Jennifer Slaney

  3. Judy Slaney

  4. Diane Slaney

Vernon SLANEY (VERNIE) married Pauline KNELLER, children:

  1. Anthony Vernon Slaney

  2. Wendall Patrick Slaney

  3. Debra Tracey Slaney

  4. Kerry Louise SlaneyI

Hugo SLANEY (Boxer) married Mavis TAYLOR, children:

  1. Darryl Slaney

  2. Jason Slaney

  3. Warren Slaney

Next Generation

info from Gary Slaney

Gary SLANEY (born 2/9/1957 Jabulpur, India) married Beverley DAY (born 27/1/1962 Lutterworth, Leicestershire) on 2/12/1988 at Gretna Green, Scotland, children;

  1. Calum Slaney (born 15/10/1989 Leicester, England)
  2. Joshua Slaney (born 13/08/1991 Leicester, England)
  3. Rhianne Slaney (born 16/04/1995 Leicester, England)

Anthony Vernon SLANEY married Deborah FISHER, children:

  1. Benjamin Lee George Slaney
  2. Matthew Lee Anthony Slaney

Debra Tracey SLANEY married Mark De Prisco, Children:

  1. Samuel Mark De Prisco
  2. Joseph Anthony De Prisco
  3. Marcus Henry De Prisco
  4. Laurence William De Prisco

Darryl SLANEY married Teresa CROOKALL, children:

  1. Emma Charlotte Slaney (Born 12/03/1986)
  2. Lee Daniel Slaney (Born 24/06/1983)

   (info from Emma Charlotte Slaney )

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