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? SEARLE married ?, children:

  1. Caroline Searle

Next Generation

Caroline SEARLE married Ralph Staton RANSON, (b 22 Nov 1838, d 31 May 1878 Calicut, son of Thomas Staton and Elizabeth Ranson), children:

  1. Grace Caroline Ranson (b 24 Aug 1871 Bombay)

  2. Elizabeth Matilda Ranson (b 1873)

  3. Ralph Searle Ranson (b  24 April 1875 Broach, Bombay Presidency)

  4. Louisa Winifred Ranson (b&d 26 Oct 1877 Washermanpettah)

  5. Hope Staton Ranson (b 10 Jan 1879 Mazagon)


? SEARLE married ?, children:

  1. Elizabeth Searle

Next Generation

Elizabeth SEARLE on 21 Nov 1837 in Nagpur married Thomas Staton RANSON, children:

  1. Ralph Staton Ranson (b 22 Nov 1838 Aurungabad, d 31 May 1878 Calicut)

  2. Amelia Staton Ranson (b 10 Sep 1840 Aurungabad)

  3. Thomas Staton Ranson (b 3 Dec 1842 Aurungabad)

  4. Elizabeth Staton Ranson (b 1845)

  5. William Staton Ranson (b 29 Nov 1847 Madras, 11 Dec 1885 Karachi, age 37)

  6. George Ranson (b 6 Jan 1851 Madras)

  7. Mary Jane Ranson (b 6 Apr 1856 Aurungabad)

  8. Louisa Ranson (b 31 Jan 1858 Aurungabad)

  9. Henry Searle Ranson (b 18 Sep 1862 Aurungabad)


? SEARLE married ?, children:

  1. Joseph Searle

Next Generation

Joseph SEARLE married Eliza ?, children:

  1. Moses Searle (b 2 May 1857 Madras)

  2. Sarah Searle (c 7 Sep 1859 St Thomas Mount)

  3. Eliza Searle (b 1853, d 12 Jul 1860 St Thomas Mount)

  4. Joseph Ebenezer Searle (c 31 Aug 1862 St Thomas Mount)

Next Generation

Sarah SEARLE (c 7 Sep 1859 St Thomas Mount) at 24yrs on 5 Oct 1885 in Madras married 24yr William Charles Joseph REBEIRO (b 1861, d 22 Mar 1927 Madras, son of Charles Lewis Rebeiro), children:

  1. Alice Evelyn Rebeiro (b 26 Apr 1888 Black Town)

  2. Edith Louise Rebeiro (b 28 Mar 1890 Royapuram)


? SEARLE married ?, children:

  1. Thomas Whitford Searle

Next Generation

Thomas Whitford SEARLE married Clara Sophia Grundy Fexina ?, children:

  1. William Whitford Searle (b 18 Jul 1869, d 26 Sep 1871 Calcutta)

  2. Joseph Henry Searle (b 18 Feb 1871 Calcutta)

  3. Winifred Mary Wensley Searle (b 12 Dec 1874 Calcutta)

  4. Mabel Constance Searle (b 19 Jan 1877 Calcutta)

  5. Thomas Edwin Chance Searle (b 31 May 1879 Calcutta)



My grandmotherís family tree is a mystery. We know she was born in Ferozepur,probably near the start of the 1900ís. Her family name may have been MILLER, her Motherís maiden name was likely SULIMAN and she may have been Muslim. Her motherís name was Ellen and her father was Theodor. She says he was a missionary, he was definitely a Christian and so was my Grandmother. She was educated and we believe she went to school in Lahore. This is all before partition of course. They had family dogs and her Uncles were land owners. Her name was Gladys Sybil. She eventually moved to Calcutta where she met my grandfather, an English Army Officer, they married in 1947 and had 2 daughters in 1949 & 1954, but we know she was married before that, had other children and that her mother Ellen lived and died in Asansol. We would love to find out her family tree, her real date of birth and if any of her relatives/our relatives are out there. I hope to be able to travel to India and stay in Ferozepur to do some detective work and see where she came from, but just wondered if anyone had any links I could follow up. Good or bad we are just so hungry for information to know her better.  Clara Bell


? SEARLE married ?, children:

  1. Jesse Searle

Next Generation

Jesse SEARLE in 1864 at St Austell, Cornwall married Alice CEARNS,  (b 13 Aug 1872, c 24 May 1874 St Peter & St Nicholas, Liverpool) children:

  1. Arthur Frederic Searle (c 11 Apr 1866 Saint Peter, Worcester)

  2. Archibald Theodore Searle (c 10 Jul 1870 Saint Peter, Worcester, d 27 Aug 1922)

Next Generation

Archibald Theodore Whitford SEARLE (c 10 Jul 1870 Saint Peter, Worcester, d 27 Aug 1922) on 9 Jan 1896 in Ferozepore married Susan Theresa HUNT (daughter of William Hunt), children:

  1. Cecil Searle (b 2 Nov 1896 Peshawar)

Archibald Theodore Whitford SEARLE (b 1871, d 27 Aug 1922) widowed at 32yrs on 3 Nov 1902 in Lahore married 24yr widow Ellen Maria FRANCIS nee Woolner, (c 16 Jun 1878, d 25 Oct 1905 Calcutta, daughter of Frederick & Catherine Woolner) children:

  1. Gladys Maureen Searle (b 18 Jul 1905, c 3 Aug 1905, d 15 Apr 1906 Rawalpindi)

  2. Maurice Frederick Whitford Searle (b 10 Nov 1910)

  3. Theodore Archibald Saunders Searle (b 22 Jun 1919, c 20 Jul 1919 Ferozepur)

(NB: Ellen Maria WOOLNER (b 1878) at 19yrs previously in Peshawar married 29yr Alfred Saunders FRANCIS (b 1869, d 25 Oct 1905 in Calcutta, son of Alfred & Ellen Francis), children: 1) Albert Saunders Francis (b 10 Feb 1899 Madras), 2) David Maybert Francis (b 2 Mar 1902 Dhurrumtollah)


Next Generation

Cecil SEARLE (b 2 Nov 1896 Peshawar) married Harriet ?, children:

  1. Sheila Magdalene Searle (b 7 Sep 1924 Lebong)


Theodore Archibald Saunders SEARLE (b 22 Jun 1919 Ferozepur) at 27yrs on 24 Jul 1946 in Sehore, Bengal Presidency married 27yr Dorothy Sylvia Olive HOOD (b 1919 daughter of John Wemyes Hood)




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