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Anyone with any information regarding the Sansoni Family in India 1905 - 1960 Joseph Sansoni, Sydney Sansoni, Olive Johnson/Sansoni.
Please contact me if you can help me in my search for my relatives who lived in India at that time. Sandra  Mallard / Sansoni



Louis SANSONI married Caroline ?, (b 1829, d 9 May 1884 Scotch Cemetery, Calcutta, age 55) children:

  1. Jane Sansoni (b 1861)

  2. Thomas William Sansoni (b 1865, d 14 Jun 1939 Calcutta, age 74)

Next Generation:

Jane SANSONI (b 1861, d 21 Jul 1885 Calcutta) at 24yrs on 18 Apr 1885 in Calcutta married 45yr widowed Henry Charles LOVE (b 1840, d 18 Dec 1894 Calcutta, son of James Henry Love)


Thomas William SANSONI (b 1865, d 14 Jun 1939 Calcutta, age 74) married Anne Katherine ?, children:

  1. Louise Sansoni (b 15 Aug 1890 Calcutta)

  2. Paul Sansoni (b 11 Sep 1891 Calcutta)

  3. Marguerite Ivy Sansoni (b 15 Sep 1893 Calcutta)

Thomas William SANSONI (b 1865, d 14 Jun 1939 Calcutta, age 74) widowed at 33yrs on 16 Apr 1898 in Calcutta married 30yr Eliza Rebecca SMELLIE (b 1868 daughter of James Smellie), children:

  1. Hope Enid Sansoni (b 1905)

Next Generation:

Louise SANSONI (b 15 Aug 1890 Calcutta) on 9 Jun 1927 in Kidderpore married 25yr Edward Crawford CHIPPENDALE (b 1902 son of James William Chippendale), children:

  1. Jame Crawford Chippendale (b 25 Jul 1929 Calcutta)

  2. Louise Ann Chippendale (b 13 May 1933 Calcutta)

Hope Enid SANSONI (b 1905) married John Alfred DOUGLAS, (b 1846, d 12 Mar 1892 Bellary, Madras, age 46) children:

  1. Milicent Rene Douglas (b 26 Nov 1926 Madras)

  2. John Desmond Douglas (b 6 Jul 1928 Bangalore)

  3. Trevor Edwin Douglas (b 13 May 1930 Bangalore)

Hope Enid DOUGLAS nee Sansoni (b 1905) widow at 35yrs on 18 Nov 1940 in Bangalore married 32yr Edward REID (b 1908 son of Birdwood & Henrietta Reid)



info from

? SANSONI married ?, children:

  1. Joseph Lory SANSONI (born, Cardiff UK approx 1881)

Next Generation:

Joseph (John) Lory SANSONI (born, Cardiff UK approx 1881) married widow Olive Florence NORTON nee JOHNSON (b 1894 daughter of John William Johnson. Olive at 17yrs married 22yr George Christopher Norton (b 1889) on 10 May 1911 in Jhansi) Jubalpur India. Children:

  1. Sydney Lionel SANSONI

  2. ? Carl SANSONI

  3. Maise Olga SANSONI (b 13 Nov 1925 Jubbulpore,India)

Next Generation:

Sydney Lionel SANSONI (b 1912) at 25yrs on 10 Dec 1937 in Jubbulpore married 20yr widow Maude Effie Frances WRANKMORE nee MARSHALL (b 1917 daughter of Dennis MARSHALL. Maude previously at 17yrs on 21 Sep 1932 in Jubbulpore married 30yr Assistant Jailor William George Wrankmore (b 1902, d 21 Jun 1937 Nagpur) son of Henry Charles Wrankmore) India, children:

  1. Duncan George WRANKMORE (b 5 Jan 1933 Kamptee)

  2. Gwendoline Marine WRANKMORE (b 13 Feb 1935 Jubbulpore)

  3. Lionel Eric  SANSONI (b 4 May 1938 Jubbulpore)

  4. Dennis  SANSONI

  5. Audrey SANSONI

  6. Sandra SANSONI

  7. Wendall SANSONI

  8. Gloria SANSONI

  9. Lorraine SANSONI

All above born in INDIA



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