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?? ROBERTSON married ??, children:

  1. Alexander Robertson

Next Generation

Alexander ROBERTSON married ??, children:

  1. Thomas ROBERTSON (b 1817. Second Corporal in the Sappers and Miners. d 1864 Pallavaram, Madras)

Next Generation

Thomas ROBERTSON (b 1817. Second Corporal in the Sappers and Miners. d 1864 Pallavaram, Madras) at 31yrs on 27 Oct 1848 in Madras married 14yr Jane WILKINSON (b 1834 daughter of Robert Wilkinson. d 1850), children:

  1. Thomas Robertson (b 18 June 1850, d 21 Sep 1850 Vizagapatam)

Thomas ROBERTSON (b 1817. Second Corporal in the Sappers and Miners. d 1864 Pallavaram, Madras) widowed on 22 Mar 1852 in Vizagapatam married Susan HOLMES (daughter of Edward Holmes), children:

  1. James Edward Robertson (b 2 Mar 1853 Madras)

  2. Elizabeth Ann Robertson (b 28 Oct 1856 Vizagapatam)

  3. Alice Jane Robertson(b 31 Oct 1858 Madras)

  4. Grace Adelaide Robertson (b 28 Dec 1861 Kurnool)

  5. Frederick Thomas Robertson (b 6 Mar 1865 Rajamundry)


?? ROBERTSON married ??, children:

  1. William Richard Robertson

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William Richard ROBERTSON married ?, children:

  1. Percival William Mack ROBERTSON (b 1862)

Next Generation

Percival William Mack ROBERTSON (b 1862) at 33yrs on 2 Jul 1895 in Calcutta married 16yr Ruth NURSIMOOLOO (b 1877, d 25 Oct 1897 Calcutta)



?? ROBERTSON married ??, children:

  1. Joseph Kartin Robertson

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Joseph Kartin ROBERTSON married ??, children:

  1. Kate Emily Robertson

Next Generation

Kate Emily ROBERTSON on 14 Mar 1893 in Serampore married William Coryton GRAHAM, children:

  1. William Graham (b 19 Jan 1894 Serampore)

  2. Madeline Frances Graham (b 21 Sep 1896 Fort William)


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?? ROBERTSON married ??, children:

  1. David ROBERTSON (d 24 May 1867 age 31 years and 1 month old. He belonged to the 42nd Royal Highlanders. He died of cholera


?? ROBERTSON married ??, children:

  1. James Robertson

Next Generation

James ROBERTSON on 23 Feb 1803 in Calcutta married Sarah Anne Catherine WHINUATES, children:

  1. James Alexander Robertson (c 21 Aug 1805 Calcutta)

Next Generation

James Alexander Robertson (c 21 Aug 1805 Calcutta) married Anne Margaret ?, children:

  1. James Alexander Joseph Conroy Robertson (b 16 Jul 1868 Calcutta)



Have been researching my various paternal lines in India since 2007. He was born in Calcutta to supposedly British parents in 1903. Have traced a few English lines (4/5 Grt Grandparents) arriving India mid-late 1700s - 2 Scottish lines (3x Grt Grandparents) arriving early 1800s plus several Irish lines also present early 1800s plus various other connections. All lines had descendants still in India at time of Indian Rev. & Partition. mid 1947. Was delighted to discover one Grt Grt Grandmother was of at least half Indian Heritage. She was Hester Priscilla Walter Her parents being Hester Maria Tolly & William Walter (Eng). She married my Grt Grt Grandfather James Stuart Robertson (b.1817 Calcutta) in 1842. Some of their children married into families of mixed heritage so I have lateral connections also with Indian heritage. Many worked as Police, in Preventative Services (customs), the Railways & later as journalists & in newspaper. Also have missionary connections in the mid 1900s. I am 1st gen. Australian but grew up totally OZ - with no Indian or Polish influences in my life. Am fascinated to learn of how it was for my grt grt granma Hester Priscilla in the mid 1800s. She is reported to have been 'very dark, with long black hair, always wearing saris". Is anyone else researching that far back? Names included are Tolly, Walter, Robertson, Skinner, Solitude, Rondeau, Macdonald, Sheels, Rabbit, Madden, Bowen, Nichol, Lancaster, Mackay, Melling and Dunbar (my maiden name) -these in no particular order - & more! Had much help from Fibis & in discovering info in India. Jenny Little


?? ROBERTSON married ??, children:

  1. Chalmers Robertson

Next Generation

Chalmers ROBERTSON married Mary SKINNER, children:

  1. James Stuart Robertson (b 19 Nov 1817 Calcutta)

Next Generation

James Stuart ROBERTSON (b 19 Nov 1817 Calcutta) on 28 Sep 1841 in Calcutta married Hester Priscilla WALTER, children:

  1. James Alexander Robertson (b 1844, d 2 Jan 1845, Park St Cemetery, Calcutta, infant)

  2. Priscilla Evelina Georgina Robertson (b 28 Nov 1847 Calcutta)

  3. James Alexander George ROBERTSON (b 10 Nov 1848 Calcutta)

  4. Charles Chalmers Stuart Robertson (b 6 Mar 1851 Calcutta)

  5. Robert Theophillis Tolly Robertson (b 8 May 1854 Calcutta)

  6. Josephine Victoria Eugenie Robertson (b 14 Jul 1862 Calcutta, Bengal)

  7. Alice Ida Robertson (b 19 Feb 1864 Calcutta)

Next Generation

James Alexander George ROBERTSON Tel Master (b 10 Nov 1848 Calcutta, d 2 Oct 1916 Dehra Dun) at 23yrs on 2 Dec 1875 in Delhi married 15yr Lena Helen SHEELS, (b 1861, daughter of James Sheels, d 21 Feb 1880 Calcutta) children:

  1. Lionel Trevelyan Robertson (b 14 Jan 1877 Amritsar)

  2. Lena Helena Mabel Robertson (b 12 Jan 1880, c 27 Feb 1880 Kidderpore)

James Alexander George ROBERTSON (b 10 Nov 1848 Calcutta, d 2 Oct 1916 Dehra Dun) widowed, on 7 Jun 1886 in Bareilly married 20yr Mary Jane NICHOL (b 1866 daughter of John Henry Nichol), children:

  1. Daisy Nichol Robertson (b 17 Jul 1887 Bareilly)

  2. Aileen Barbe Robertson (b 6 Oct 1888 Bareilly)

  3. Harold Baron Robertson (b 11 Sep 1890)

  4. Beryl Heather Robertson (b 4 Jan 1905 Faizabad)

Next Generation

Lena Helena Mabel ROBERTSON (b 12 Jan 1880, c 27 Feb 1880 Kidderpore) married Robert Ellesmere DUNBAR ( b.1876 Murree - d.1932 Calcutta), children:

  1. Denis Fitzsimmons Dunbar -( b 15 May 1903, c 6 Jun 1903 Dhurrumtollah, Calcutta, d 1966 Victoria, Australia)

Beryl Heather Robertson (b 4 Jan 1905 Faizabad) at 27yrs on 15 Feb 1937 in Lucknow married 29yr Leonard CATTELL (b 1908 son of Reginald Alfred Cattell), children:

  1. Shirley Ann Cattell (b 14 Oct 1937 Lucknow)


My motherís maiden name was Robertson- born Burma 1922. Only Daughter of Alfred Julius Robertson- from Scotland- but born in Madras - educated London, he was a barrister with a practice in Burma. Iíve been trying to find some of my cousins in Scotland and Perth Australia. There may be a connection. Mike Fegredo.


?? ROBERTSON married ??, children:

  1. Alfred Julius Robertson

Next Generation

Alfred Julius Robertson married Deborah Elizabeth ?, children:

  1. Cecil Harcourt Robertson (b 23 Nov 1898, c 4 Feb 1917 Rangoon)

  2. Lorna Kathleen Robertson (b 23 Jun 1901 Coonoor)

  3. Hazel Gynevere Robertson (b 30 Dec 1903 Coonoor)

  4. Olive Iona Christabel Robertson (b 16 Mar 1907 Rangoon)

  5. Joyce Valene Robertson (b 1922)

Next Generation

Joyce Valene ROBERTSON (b 1922) at 20yrs on 8 Jun 1942 in Bangalore married 25yr Richard Arnold FEGREDO (b 1917 son of Charles Cunningham Figredo)



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?? ROBERTSON married ??, children:

  1. Margaret Robertson (studied at St Thomas Girls School Kidderpore. Mussoorie & Kalimpong Homes. 1971-1977)

Next Generation

Margaret ROBERTSON (studied at St Thomas Girls School Kidderpore. Mussoorie & Kalimpong Homes. 1971-1977. Migrated to Australia in 1988) married Morris STOLKE (studied at St. Thomas Boys School Kidderpore, Calcutta-1957-70. Ex Soccer & Hockey player for Eastern Railway, Howrah Union & port commissioners.)



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?? ROBERTSON married ??, children:

  1. Derek ROBERTSON (b Bilaspur 1942)

Next Generation

Derek ROBERTSON (born Bilaspur 1942) married Lita CARROLL (born 1944 CKP), children:

  1. Linda ROBERTSON (b1969, Calcutta)

Next Generation

Linda ROBERTSON  (b 1969, Calcutta) married Mark TALBOT (b 1969, Calcutta)



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?? ROBERTSON married ??, children:

  1. Lorraine Joyce Robertson

Next Generation

Larraine Joyce ROBERTSON ( born 06/04/1949 )  in June 1977 in Calcutta married Randolph Charles D'CRUZ (b1939 ). Children:

  1. Ike D'CRUZ (b Calcutta)

  2. Diana D'CRUZ (b 1978 in Calcutta)

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