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My grandfather, Arthur Watson, was of Anglo-Indian descent, born and raised in Pallavaram, Madras. He left India as a child in 1885, when his father left the army and returned to the UK. A cousin (another Kirk descendant) has traced the family history back to 1790 in India, via the female lines of descent. The women married English & Scottish soldiers, but I would imagine that the male descendants would have married into the Anglo-Indian community. If possible I would like to make contact with other descendants.

From the information that is available from christenings & marriages, my family came from the area known as the Madras Presidency (Bangalore, Arcot, Pallavaram, Ooty) - other surnames include


James RIGBY (1810-1859) (HEIC) married Mary HENDERSON (1814-1848) in 1830 St. Thomas Mount, Madras . The children from this marriage:

  1. Margaret Mary Rigby (b 1834 Secunderabad)

  2. Joseph William Rigby (b 1836 Jaulna)

  3. Florence Ellen Rigby (b.1839 Bangalore - d. 1912 Wellington, Nilgiris)

  4. James Adolphus Rigby (b 4 Jul 1841, c 9 Feb 1842 Jaulnah)

James RIGBY Farrier Major of the Horse Brigade (1810-1859) (HEIC) married for a second time (after his 1st wife Mary died)  Mary Ann LENNON in about 1850. Had 2 more children but details not certain.

  1. Eliza Ann Rigby (b 9 Jun 1850, c 15 Oct 1850 St Marks, Bangalore)

  2. Jane Rigby (b 17 Jan 1854, c 28 Feb 1854 Trinity Church, Bangalore)

Next Generation

Florence Ellen RIGBY (AKA Helen) (b.1839 Bangalore - d. 1912 Wellington, Nilgiris) in 1855 married David KIRK (HEIC), children:

  1. James Kirk (b 26 Jan 1856, c 29 Apr 1856 Bangalore)

  2. Mary Jane Kirk (b 26/12/1859 Pallavaram)

  3. Lydia Kirk (b 1862 Pallavaram)

  4. Charlotte Kirk (b1867 Pallavaram )

  5. Margaret Louisa Kirk (b1869 Pallavaram)

James Adolphus RIGBY (b 4 Jul 1841, c 9 Feb 1842 Jaulnah) at 36yrs on 3 Jan 1878 in Jhargram married 21yr Mary Magdalen ANDERSON (b 1857, daughter of James Anderson)



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